This is a roller coaster I made that is for the winter contest on sscoasters.net
the reason it's so small is because the rules for the contest required that I built it in a 5x5x5 gray rod cube!
Cool I'm new
how do i change my name
https://www.instructables.com/member/ewilhelm/ ask him
cool coaster! =D
4 screamin serpents,, right?
Yeah prolly about that much
i got only one screamin serpent can you make a rollercoaster with that?
Somewhat yes if you make the lift strait up or have a small launch in it you can get a goodish layout. maybe 3 elements long.
can you make a instructable my only rollercoaster is a screamin serpent and 8000 other pieces
ok some day maybe.
0-o Awesome man! I still wish my mom didn't lose my Knex Scream'n Serpent tracks! :-( What type of motor are you using to pull the coaster(s) up?
I have the screamin serpent to!
The all terrain trekker motor.
Ahhh... I wish i had that motor
And I'm also using the motor from the cyber knex ultra set.
the stupid girl in the background would be, your sister perhaps? lol
yes, sadly...
Yeah..siblings. But you might appreciate her when you're older...at least that's what my mom keeps telling me...<br />
how old is she now??
Well, my little sis used to be very annoying in the past, but now we are both a bit older she is much nicer to me.
Very cool. I like the idea of having two tracks.
do you have pics of this?<br />
what was the song in the background? the coaster's awesome!
I cant remember... thanks.
what is sscoaster.com?
sscoasters.net not .com it's a forum where we build roller coasters with knex.
Hey TBM. great coaster :D
The video is small:( But awesome coaster!
it's not small, it's awesomeness <em><strong>and</strong></em> smallness compacted together!<br/>
he means the video SIZE
i know
lol XD
thanks. I'm not sure why the vid. is so small but if you watch if from google directly it's fine.
Lol, in the credits, it says The_Burriot_Master! Very nice. 5*
yeah I was hoping no one would see that... so far 2 have...
Lol, dont worry about it, think of it as added comedy value!
pretty cool!
Incredible coaster!

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