Got some spare concrete? Got an old rubber glove? Excellent.

Let's make a concrete hand.

Almost as good as a real one. Certainly heavier.

Step 1:

I had some concrete repair mortar left over from the concrete chicken instructable, and obviously had two rubber gloves I used for mixing.

Rubber moulds can make useful formwork. Gloves are an interesting shape so I thought I'd give it a go.

I needed to add a bit more water to the mix, as it had already started curing by the time I came to fill the glove. Other than that, no change to the mix was made. I used the same wooden spoon to spoon the mix into the glove, and tried to shake it as much as possible to work the trapped air bubbles to the surface.

Note I did this outside, as there was likely to be some spillage.

The glove bulged slightly due to the weight of the concrete. If I were to do it again I would try to squeeze the palm a little more to retain a more human thickness of the hand overall.

Once the glove was filled, I hung it from the back of an old garden chair to keep it in the right orientation whilst the concrete fully cured.
<p>This was super easy to make and I was able to incorporate it into a much larger art installation piece. It was my first time working with concrete and I even had my son helping. Great project. </p>
Awesome just awesome
You made that?!
Yep, it's remarkably simple. Give it a go! You can also try casting it in plaster of paris, or (somewhat more wobbly) jelly.
So cool!
Your typing is rather good for one so heavy handed :)
you can make the air holes look like flesh wounds for halloween
Concrete Zombie hands sticking out of the garden! Great Idea.
Brilliant idea!

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