What is Lenfiber ? Lentil & Soup fiber !

This is a fast & easy food that everybody can make it .
Writing intro for foods is so hard for me , because you should eat the food to know what is it ! ^.^


Note : My pictures have high-quality , but when I upload them on Instructables they become low-quality . So please download this file , if you want have high-res pictures . (1.5 Mb) :

Download high quality pictures !

Step 1: Ingredients

For each person :
  • Lentil : 250g
  • Soup fiber : 100g (dried)
  • Mushrooms : 3 digit
  • Lemon
  • Thyme
  • Mint : Dry / Fresh
  • Salt
  • Olive : 2 digit
  • And other condiments you wish .

Step 2: Add the Ingredients

Fill a small pot from water . Then add the soup fiber & lentil to it .

Step 3: Cook

Put the pot on the fire for 45min . Then unload the pot to a dish .
Now it’s ready to decorate !
  • Note : If you don’t like very soft soup fibers in your food , you should add the soup fibers , 20min after lentils .

Step 4: Decorate

- Cut a small part of pepper & chop it .
- Cut the lemon from middle and add a few of its water to dish and put the other part inside of food .
- Chop the mushrooms : Chop them with the model you wish .

Step 5: Serve !

Now your food is ready to eat !
Your "low res" pictures are far enough good for this purpose, don't complain.
Are enough good , but I take high-resolution , and here they show like a beginner photographer !
Your images are only vga 640x480. What high resolution are you trying to work with? I have uploaded 12 megapixel photos without any problem. Try different file formats like gif, jpeg, etc to tweak how they look.
My original picture was 2816*2112. I don't have any problem with a 640*480 picture. It's so good for a webpage. But my problem is other thing: Instructable make the pictures low quality. That can make problem in some Instructables. For example in <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Health-reminder/">my new Instructable</a> ,I need to show my desktop and programs to the visitor, but the Instructable made my pictures low quality automatic. That made many problems for me.<br> Also I should say, that's a good idea for many Instructables and a problem for a few! :)<br>
OK, it might be a good idea to start your own page, with projects in high resolution.
Is it your mean of page a blog or website ? If it is I have my own (Fa language!) , but I like instructables more ! <br>There is no reason , I should have low resolution images here ! NP !
What is soup fiber? I don't think I've seen it in US markets. Is it a pasta product or maybe just shredded tree bark?
I took two pictures from that material , in Iran we have a name for it that means soup fiber , but really I don't know what is the correct translate of it in English ! Maybe you can give it a name .<br><br>
It looks like some kind of dried noodle. Maybe made from whole wheat flour or something else?

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