Picture of Lens Cap Lanyard
This is a little thing i made because i kept dropping lens caps and losing them! I ended up dropping one off the deck while doing night "astro-photography". i found it two days later with a hunk taken out of it from the lawnmower >_< *facepalm*
BUT now that i have this nifty contraption, i can just whip the lens of and let it haaaaannngg Haha! no more dropped and lost lenses!
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Step 1: Get yer Materiaals!

Picture of Get yer Materiaals!
heres the basics of the stuff youll need:
-your lenscap!!!
-soldering iron
-drill (with bits)
-cord, wire, rope, lanyard, or anything to use for a lanyard

Step 2: Cut some holes...

Picture of cut some holes...
first, you need your lenscap (obviously) and you need to melt or drill two holes in the edge of the cap for the cord to pass through.

Step 3: Next...

Picture of Next...
then you take the cord, loop it and thread it through one hole, and out the next from the other side then perform a larks head knot with the looped lanyard:
the lanyard i used was for an mp3 player and had a clip that would stay on the player, while you can disconnect the rest. this will help later!

Step 4: Attach to camera!

Picture of Attach to camera!
i used the same larks head and a knot in the lanyard to tie it around the base of the lens, i used to have it on the strap but it got in the way after a while lol! but it really helps! and its easy to remove if need be, and easy to put back on when switching lenses!
nick24913 years ago
I've done similar with my lenses, but with the addition of a small clip araldited to the front of the lens cap, the sort of thing that holds a mobile phone hands-free set to your collar. Once the lens cap is off the lens, just clip it to the strap, and no dangling or catching on things!
glendajs6 years ago
Could put a dab of silicon sealer over each hole...or use a sturdy, heated sewing needle help with pliers to make smaller holes, just large enough for the cording to go through.
Dzwiedziu6 years ago
As for me this allows dust to get to the lens while i.e. the camera is in a bag. So better get an lens pen also.