Introduction: Lens Cap for Garmin Dash Cam

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I've recently bought a Garmin Dash Cam, but it bothers me that the lens seems to be in danger of being damaged when it's being handled. Unfortunately (like probably all dash cams) it doesn't come with a lens cap, so I decided to make one myself from easily and cheaply obtained materials.

Step 1: What You Need

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1. An ordinary container for pills, 20 pills size. We're going to use the lid as the lens cap. The container I used is freely available in South Africa, where I live, and I hope in the rest of the world. The Garmin's lens bezel measures 20 mm across, and the inside of the /lidcap is 22 mm, making it a nice fit. The cap's depth is 5.5 mm, where as the depth of the lens bezel is 3 mm.

2. An elastic band, about 72 mm (2.8 inches) long. This will become our lens cap fastener.

3. Double sided mounting tape. I used a product from Henkel Adhesives called No Nails.

Step 2: Preparing the Cap

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Remove the pill container's lid with scissors, and trim off the remaining protruding bits to get it nice and round. The bottom part of the container won't be used (in this project, in any case).

Step 3: Preparing Double Sided Tape

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Cut off a piece of the double sided tape so that it will fit on the lid/lens cap. Of course it can be trimmed round for a better look.

Step 4: Fix Elastic Band to Cap

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Now stick the elastic band to the lens cap with the sticky side of the double side tape. Don't peel of the blue stuff or else the cap will stick to anything it touches. You can of course replace it with a more aesthetically pleasing material. The lens cap is now ready for use.

Step 5: Fit the Lens Cap on the Dash Cam

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The lens cap can now be fixed over the cam's lens by wrapping the elastic band around the body of the camera. When removing the cap, it can be lifted off the lens and just placed beneath the lens, where the elastic band will keep it in place. In this position it won't obstruct the camera's view.

Step 6: If You Want

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Of course you can go to more trouble if you want the cap to look less agricultural. Here I just cut the piece of double side tape nice and round, and painted everything black with a can of spray paint.


graydog111 (author)2015-11-07

How do you rate the Garmin dash cam? I wasted US$20 on a GS8000L. Battery dead; will not charge; buttons don't work all the time; terrible still pics. Now I'm looking for a better one.

mxx (author)graydog1112015-11-08

I find it does its job well. Everything works as it should, and its low light capability is satisfactory. Of course neither its video or still image quality is stellar, but good enough for its function as a dash cam. I think its a quality item, and I'm quite satisfied with it. I've attached a still photo taken yesterday.

graydog111 made it! (author)mxx2015-11-08

Thanks for the reply, I clicked on that photo and it's HUGE. I too worry that I'll get something on lens. I made a lens cap today, just for the heck of it. I tried several pill bottle caps, but none came close to fitting. I found that 3/4" sch.40 PVC pipe was just the right size to fit the lens snugly. I sealed the end with blacksilicone adhesive. It's not cured yet, so it's not finished but here's a pix.

mxx (author)graydog1112015-11-09

Looks like it should work quite well!

graydog111 (author)mxx2015-11-08

The photo on the Lens Cap instructable was not big, but the one on my comments site was really big.

graydog111 (author)2015-11-07

BTW.....good solution.

mxx (author)graydog1112015-11-08


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