Picture of Lens of Truth
This is my version the Lens of Truth as seen in both Legend of Zelda games Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time.
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Step 1: Start

Picture of Start
I started with a 5" magnifying glass I purchased off of amazon for 10 bucks.


Step 2: Handle

Picture of Handle
The handle was made out of a piece of poplar wood turned down to my desired shape. Then I drilled a hole the size of the magnifying glass shaft, and slipped it over aforementioned shaft.

Step 3: Lens

Picture of lens
The magnifying glass as it comes is flat, so to give it some volume as it looks in the games I added some epoxy putty to the rim. After hand smoothing as much as possible I sanded until I reached the desired smoothness.

Step 4: Horns

Picture of Horns
The horns were made from cast plastic. The gem part was cast from a store bought gem from a wedding gem pack. It was then cast in Smooth-cast 325 with red So-strong pigment to give it the ruby look. The pieces that the gems rest on was a turned piece that I cast to get multiples. For both molds I used Smooth-on Mold Star 16 Fast.

Step 5: Eye

Picture of Eye
The eye was as simple as printing off the shape in red on photo paper. At some point I might go back and make a cast piece, but the paper works for me.

Step 6: Paint

Picture of Paint
For painting I used an airbrush for the many components then hand painted the lens. I used an iridescent purple airbrush paint that I mixed myself to get the right color. Then washed over everything with a coat of black. I did use a spray can to get the gold pieces painted the right color.
Subdood1 year ago

this is the most awesome thing ever!

silverov1 year ago
simply, but great effect! like it!
love it. this is great. always liked the lens of truth. for the red bit you could use theater light filters. taht way you could still look through it!
groper11 year ago
So are you actually able to see through the red portion?
Oh, that is so awesome! Nice replica :)