Introduction: Leo

Leo explores ideas of Victorian era flying machines, in particular Leonardo da Vinci's radical concepts for flapping winged vehicles. Leo was around when the world was going through massive technological leaps and when science was sorcery, radical concepts developed and diminished in the pages of history. Many paths of which we still may not of explored.


ematiss (author)2010-01-23

very nice work, good photography too.
What's the song?

jmper (author)ematiss2010-12-06

the song is ten-day interval by tortoise

wsanriv (author)2010-06-21

With a bit more separation between the spines will be a great swimmer. Great work!

Bitszu (author)2009-09-23

Very nice........ but how is this an Ible???

Dr.Bill (author)Bitszu2010-01-21

Maybe they plan to do one..............

hg341 (author)2009-09-18

how big is it?(looks realy good)

rustlabs (author)hg3412009-09-18

34x14x4cm (from the ends of the longest arms)

hg341 (author)rustlabs2009-09-18

you though about full scale i would love to see

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