In this instructable you wil learn a very simple way of making a cardboard wine box into a simple wine rack.

The idea behind this is to make people aware of how they should stock there wine after buying it. This way the costumers of a wineshop will learn to appreciate a little bit more about the "art" of winery and the costumers might begin buying a better rack and stock more wine... stocking more wine means buying more wine, and buying more means better business for the wineshop.

I hope you enjoy this Instructable and take 30 min of your time to make this easy to build wine rack.

Good luck,

Leonard Buyse

Step 1: First You Take Your "brandnew" Cardboard Winebox and Divide It in 6 Equal Parts

Step 2: Next You Point Out the Middle of Each Part

Step 3: Now You Measure Your Winebottle and Draw the Outline on Your Box 6 Times

Step 4: Time to Cut Out the Outlines (you Don't Need the Cutouts But You Can Use Them As a Pad)

Step 5: Now You Can Place Your Bottle in a "professional" Wine Rack (if Needed You Can Strengthen the Box With Extra Pieces of Cardboard, But Normally If Standing Upwards the Box Is Strong Enough)

Step 6: If I Would Produce Them the Instructions Would Be Printed On.

<p>Great life hack.</p>

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