Leopard geckos are becoming more and more popular pets for people of all ages. They are pretty simple to care for and can have great personalities. In this instructable I am going to try and give a complete oversight of what you will need to properly care for your gecko.
This is information that has worked for me, it may not work for you and I can not be held responsible for anything that results from the information provided.

Step 1: Commitments

Leopard Geckos can live up to and over 20 years in captivity so purchasing one is a big commitment. Also while they can be purchased for as low as twenty dollars, to properly keep one, the housing at minimum will cost 150 dollars and about 20 each month in food and supplimentation. If you think your ready, lets get started on it housing. 
Please help me, I've had my gecko for about a year and a half, and lately he has gotten these orange spots on his body and he's been hiding in his cool place for like a month, he doesn't want to go to his heat side he's very cold, and barely eats, what can I do?
<p>I can't see the orange spots, but you need to take your gecko to the vet as soon as you can. Also, get him off of the sand. Sand is not safe for geckos, they can ingest it and it leads in impaction, which is sand stuck in the digestive system. I recommend Reptile Carpet, or you can use paper towels until you can get a safer substrate. </p>
<p>I don't even bother with a heating pad. I just have multiple lights and a cover to keep some heat in.</p>
i have heard in several places that you can house males with females as long as there is only one male. what is your take on that?
Nice work on the instructable. Makes me want a Gecko.
Be careful crickets can kill, they can give a leopard gecko phosphorus poisoning and malnourishment. That's how my leopard gecko died. :( (sob)
Thanks, the one in the intro is mine, and the second one is Eros, he belongs to Dog Shrink who let me use the pic.
Wow! What a darling gecko!
Any advice on handling...? I'm a little woried he will get all aggresive around me if I try to pick him up...
As odd as this sounds, the more you handle him, the tamer he will be. Give him 1 week after you got Hume to settle in. Then place you hand about3 inches away for a while until he gets used to it. Then gentle place one hand infront of his head and one hand behind him. He will crawl in your hand. Let hime just sit there and walk on your hand. Do this every day it other day for 5 min. He should get used to you. Never squeeze or hold him firmly let him guide you. Your mainly letting him walk around on you hand.
Thank You! That will help a lot, hes already, sitting in my hand! He used to be really squirmy, but he's already getting better!
Excellent and very well written instructable! <br> <br> This comment by an leo owner! <br> <br> I love you Larry! (my leo)
anytime... :) <br>
I would recomend giving crickets as well, as well as mealworms. It gives them more needed nutrients and the exosceleton is easier to digest. Of coarse others have had much success in feeding an only mealworm diet... <br> <br> Hope this helped! :)
I agree, a mixed diet it good, my main problem with crickets is that they pester the gecko when they are asleep. But it's really a personal preference both are great feeders.<br>Thanks for the comment
any time!, o, and i typically give my leo what i know he will eat, about 2-3 crickets.. and, i make sure he eats them, sorta easy... but there is also the option of the dust you can put on leo feed... :)

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