Leopard Nails?!





Introduction: Leopard Nails?!

Yea, you heard me. Leopard nails. I don't think I've really expressed how much I love doing crazy things to my nails, so I might as well start now. Watch this video to find out how to get this amazingness on your fingers now!

See the full post on my blog, Color Me Blue! Click here: http://www.colormebluefashion.com/2011/03/leopard-nails.html



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so cool I will try it

wow this is really pretty

i am gonna talk my mom into letting me do that because i love leopards i just don't want to see one in real life that would be kinda scary to almost get eaten by a leopard

OMG looks amazing really i loved a lottttttttttttttttttttttt :)

I used to paint stick-men on my girlfriend's nails
cave men hunting
skate boarding
and her favorite was stick figures procreating
and when I was in a rush I would do flowers and butterflies

Even with super small paint brushes it's hard to do with old or lumpy nail polish so some times I would use a fine tip Sharpie on the first layer. like a primer then finish it off with a coat of clear

oooh! i like! what kind of brush are you using?