Introduction: Leopard Print Makeup

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Hey momoluvers, it's momo. Today I'll be making a beautiful fancy look. This intense eye look appears to be a real challenge, but it's as easy as 1. 2. 3!

Step 1: Primer

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Use a concealer brush to apply primer all over your eyelids and lower lash lines to prolong the life and avoid creasing.

Step 2: Brow Bone

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Use a large eyeshadow brush to lightly sweep a gold shadow along the brow bone.

Step 3: Eye Lid

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Use a medium sized eyeshadow brush to apply a vivid pink-orange shadow over the entire lid

Step 4: Crease

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Use a fluffy brush to sweep a lighter coral shade onto the crease blessing together the gold and pink-orange seamlessly

Step 5: Lower Lash Line

Picture of Lower Lash Line

Apply gold eyeshadow along the lower lash line using a small liner brush or smudge brush

Step 6: Liquid Liner

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Use liquid liner align the upper lash line only. If desired create a small flick at the end for a bolder effect

Step 7: Waterline

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Draw along the waterline with a bright and vivid eye pencil or eyeshadow. I'm this tutorial, I used a bright teal.

Step 8: Mascara

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Apply 2-3 coats of jet black or blackest black mascara. I prefer to use pumped up colossal because it fans out the lashes, while keeping them thin wispy, and natural.

Step 9: SPOTS!

Picture of SPOTS!

Now we're onto the spots! Don't be afraid of messing up, because the messier it is, the more authentic it looks!

Use a liner pen to apply the leopard spots along the eye. Begin at the inner corner making small dots. As you work outwards, make the dots into spots.

To draw the spots: simply draw them like parenthesis () but wider and almost connected.

When you get to the outer corner of the eye, decrease the size once again as you did with the inner corner

Repeat on other eye

Step 10: Contouring

Picture of Contouring

Take a small foundation brush and sweep it lightly across your preferred bronzer.

Do a "fishy" face by sucking in your cheek. Trace the brush lightly along the crease you just made.

Blend upward onto the apple of your cheek

Put the brush into the bronzer again and sweep the corners of your forehead

Step 11: Lips

Picture of Lips

Line the lips with a bright and vivid lipstick or gloss, preferably pink or red.

Step 12: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

That's it! This look is very unique and beautiful. I hope y'all send me pictures of your attempts and show me how you've done!

Thanks SO much for voting I appreciate it! Love y'all •_£


KittyKat04 (author)2016-04-09

Me again sorry, but I have to say something:
Your eyes are so ridiculously blue!! I LOVE EM! Ur very lucky to have em.

momoluv (author)KittyKat042016-04-09

Thank you so much!

KittyKat04 (author)2015-07-28

Wow this is amazing! I hope its alright but I voted for you. sorry if your mad.

momoluv (author)KittyKat042015-08-03

Haha thank you i appreciate it:)

KittyKat04 (author)momoluv2015-09-29


KittyKat04 (author)2015-07-28

I voted for all btw

momoluv (author)2015-06-26

Thank you ottawafm!

ottawafm (author)2015-06-26

Complection! lol! Damn spell check!

ottawafm (author)2015-06-26

You have a great compaction! You should do research on makeup ingredients. You look great with only eye shadow! :) lol!

cuttreetop (author)2015-06-26

Great for Halloween!

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