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Introduction: Les Toteable TuTu Bag

About 15 yrs ago I started making these bags for my daughters and granddaughters to use as diaper bags and eventually dance bags, Since the first one I have come along ways, The first was a piece of tulle gathered at top and attached to a bag, I fought and fought with that tulle. So happy when they came out with the rolls of pre cut tulle.  This is what I now make today and I carry as my purse. I can change the colors for different outfits. makes for a great conversation piece. Hope you enjoy as much as I have, They are fun to create.

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    Ok I am a basket case here waiting for winners to be chosen LOL It was probably a Hard decision. I pity the judges,

    My little sister isn't much of a tutu girl anymore so it looks like I will be spending all day tomorrow cutting up her tutus and turning them into bags!

    I wore that as a dress once. With pink and black tennis shoes. : ) Seriously did.

    I definitely agree, I wish it had step by step instructions {written} with the pictures {tutorial}. It would make it soooooo much easier to make it...

    This is my first time and I had no clue how to enter it !! LOL Thanks for the wonderful comment also. They are fun to make.