Picture of Less Lethal Hoodie!
Hooded sweatshirts are awesome. But around moving machinery, those dangley, face-adjacent drawstrings are a terrible idea! Oh, why so deadly, little hoodie?

Here's how to make your favorite hoodie less lethal -- and I did it at TechShop!
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Step 1:

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You could just pull the drawstring out, I suppose -- but that'd take away one of the main features of the hoodie: cinching it around your face to protect you from papparazzi. Or what-have-you.

So we're going to cut these short, instead.

First, make sure you'll have enough drawstring left when you're done. Stretching the hood out a little bit will pull the strings into it. That's as much drawstring as it'll ever need.

Step 2:

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Tie a new knot right below where the drawstring leaves the hood.

I like a simple overhand-knot, because I can tie it with one hand for the picture. Blam.

Step 3:

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We're going to cut the string just below the new knots, but these drawstrings tend to fray. So I'm using a bit of heat-shrink tubing to create an aglet!

Eyeball it so that you'll have enough tubing for both drawstrings, and a bit left over for testing.

Step 4:

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Here it is: the point of no return.

So I cut it well-below where I expect it to end. Just leave a bit of drawstring to do a test with.


Step 5:

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Next, cut off a couple little bits of heat-shrink tubing for some testing.

Step 6:

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Slide the tubing over one of the remnants of the drawstrings, and heat it up with a heat-gun -- you want to make sure it's the right diameter to shrink down tight.

This looks about right to me.

(WARNING: I did not finish my degree in aglet-making. I dropped out in the last semester of my fourth year, to pursue the circus.)

Step 7:

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Enough tests, poindexter!

Slide the tubing over the ends of the drawstrings, and snug them up against the knots.

If a small plastic kudu wanders into frame, ask him to take a picture of you heating up the heat-shrink tubing!

Step 8:

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Really, man?

This isn't even a little like what we talked about.
Maker-Breaker2 months ago

You are Hilarious. This is Stand Up educomedy at it's best.


Kniftyme2 years ago
I think you need to do more instructables. You have a way of making things easier and more fun to learn.
CazzPhoenix2 years ago
I'm never around heavy machinery, but my kid likes to try strangling me when I wear hoodies. I think I'll give this a shot :-)