Hooded sweatshirts are awesome. But around moving machinery, those dangley, face-adjacent drawstrings are a terrible idea! Oh, why so deadly, little hoodie?

Here's how to make your favorite hoodie less lethal -- and I did it at TechShop!

Step 1:

You could just pull the drawstring out, I suppose -- but that'd take away one of the main features of the hoodie: cinching it around your face to protect you from papparazzi. Or what-have-you.

So we're going to cut these short, instead.

First, make sure you'll have enough drawstring left when you're done. Stretching the hood out a little bit will pull the strings into it. That's as much drawstring as it'll ever need.
<p>You are Hilarious. This is Stand Up educomedy at it's best.</p><p>~Jolie.<br><br></p>
I think you need to do more instructables. You have a way of making things easier and more fun to learn.
I'm never around heavy machinery, but my kid likes to try strangling me when I wear hoodies. I think I'll give this a shot :-)

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