Picture of Less Messy Christmas Tree Removal
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This is my method for getting rid of my live Christmas tree without trashing the house. By January the needles and branches are extremely brittle and go everywhere.

No pictures knocked off the wall. No scratched walls. No back breaking from lugging a whole tree. No wasting time with those giant and useless Christmas tree bags.

And best of all, less pine needles everywhere. While this isn't a big deal with Douglas Firs it is brutal with other species, say Colorado Spruce trees. Their needles are tiny evil daggers that get stuck in everything and make you want to scream when they get stuck in your sock. I know from experience.

Minimal hassle and supplies.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Pruning shears
Receptacle (I used a large bucket)

Step 2: Prep Tree

This one is pretty obvious. Remove all the ornaments and lights.

Step 3: Get That Tree On The Tarp

Picture of Get That Tree On The Tarp
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This is the hardest part. Spread the tarp out as best as you can over your area. My tree stand has three rebar legs. I lifted the leg closest and slid as much of the tarp under it that I could. I then had my wife push the tree for me while I laid on the floor to slide the tarp under the other two legs. If you have a smaller tree you might be able to pick it up and simply place it on the tarp. My wife likes 8 foot tall trees so I can't move it that easily.

Step 4: Cut Branches Off

Picture of Cut Branches Off
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Put gloves on. Get pruning shears. Start cutting the branches off. I cut them smaller to fit in the bucket I use. If you have a fire place you can cut them to fireplace size to burn. Cut to your needs. Smaller tends to be less messy but takes more time.

Cut until you fill up your receptacle. Then take outside or wherever you are disposing of the branches. It took me five buckets to remove all the branches. This process took maybe 20 minutes so I suggest listening to some music. Thanks Pandora shuffle!!
Great idea! I'd be inclined to start with the tarp already under the stand when first setting up the tree. Maybe fold it in on four sides then cover with a tree skirt. That way, when ready to dismantle, just remove the skirt, unfold the tarp and proceed as you suggested.

exactly what I was thinking! you beat me to it!

King sized sheet folds up and tucks under the skirt better than a plastic tarp. We have one that's almost the same color of our skirt so it it does happen to pop out its not as noticeable. We wrap the tree up after season but we also throw the tree in one of our ponds for the fish instead of trimming all the limbs.

dawn8459 neo716653 months ago

neo71665 we also use the king sheet way. Because our city recycles them in often the same way as you, I feel it did not die and become waste.

ALSO, take note. You do not want to throw in your wood burning fireplace in the house. Burning fir and pines are not safe for you fireplace and chimney. It can be a huge fire hazard. Now an put side fire pit may be fine, just be careful. They burn quickly and can be dangerous if you are not careful. They are so very flammable.

Be safe, recycle, and enjoy.....God bless

rolltidehank (author) 1 year ago
Thanks everyone! And that's a fantastic idea losingitinga!
Nice and helpful! You earned my vote

What a good way to do it. Much nicer than chucking the whole tree out into the street. :)