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Introduction: 'Let Me Out!' - Phone in Locker Prank

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Ever wondered what could be lurking in that locker at the end of the hallway, the one with no owner, but with a lock? Ever asked anybody that question? I'll show you, in this first Instructable of mine, how you can create the same effect, just for a few laughs, or to really spook somebody out.

Step 1: Record Your Voice

First of all, record your voice, on your phone, saying 'Let me out!' or some similar phrase. Make sure you say it loudly, so it can be heard through a locker. Name this file 'Let Me Out' or something similar. This may only work on some phones.

Step 2: Place Phone in Locker

Set your ringtone to maximum volume, with 'Let Me Out' as the tone. Unlock the locker, and keys in hand, place your phone in and lock it up.

Step 3: Call!

Go somewhere where you can see the locker, but not be seen, like in the doorway of a classroom or behind a pillar. Using somebody else's phone, call your phone when somebody is near the locker.

Step 4: More

The victim will hear something saying 'Let me out!'!

To have an even scarier effect, try using the evil laughter at the end of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.

If you have any suggestions or improvements, please list, as this is my first Instructable.

Happy Pranking!



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    how can i do something like this but with a door with a lock? we dont have lockers at my school but we do have this creepy room and we think someones in there.

    Open the phone and attach wires to the vibrate motor's contacts. Hook these up with a medium sized motor, a transistor, and a battery pack. Make this motor so that when it spins it rattles the door. Now set your phone to vibrate and ring at the same time. Now when you call it the door will shake and it will say "let me out!".

    There is a skeleton in a cage decoration they sell at target saying let me out!!! and many other things. Maybe you can disassemble it and mod the button to be remote control.:)

    I have the best idea. If you could use parts from an old RC car, could you make a device that shook the door as well? HA! That would even creep me out.

    This would work really nicely with several walky Talkies on the same channel. Several of the same person trapped in multiple lockers

    ha ha nice man nice its just like putting the walky talky behind the ceral boxes in the grocerie store and wating for some one to walk by.... *thumbs up*


    401 views and 3 comments?! cmon people!

    A good version of this is using several phones or device to whisper at people in a menacing manner, do this in the likes of basement lockers with a walkie talkie setup, 8 channels means a set of eight places to freak them from, it can be quite disturbing for some...

    2 replies

    Yeah, that's a good idea, but the problem is how am I going to bring all that to school? My mom has lockers at her workplace, so maybe I can get her to do it...