Picture of Let Mother Nature Pick The Trim
This is a intructable on funneling the wood into a way you would like it to go in order to make anything out of it but at the same time letting it take over and choose its own route. It's a beautiful thing once the saw dust clears...

Step 1: Are You A Hunter Or A Gatherer??

Picture of Are You A Hunter Or A Gatherer??
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In this case I was hired to tare down an old boat dock in order to rebuild it. Due to a steep embankment i couldnt get a trailer down to it so I put ALL usable wood (Red Oak) in the back of my truck.

This is how I stack it neatly in my shop
happyDays85 (author) 1 year ago
This is my pride and joy. I go to my buddies house to visit my frame now. Not him. Lol
kdubois21 year ago
Very nice!
poofrabbit2 years ago
OH that is really lovely! Great image for the frame!