Picture of Let Mother Nature Pick The Trim
This is a intructable on funneling the wood into a way you would like it to go in order to make anything out of it but at the same time letting it take over and choose its own route. It's a beautiful thing once the saw dust clears...
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Step 1: Are You A Hunter Or A Gatherer??

Picture of Are You A Hunter Or A Gatherer??
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In this case I was hired to tare down an old boat dock in order to rebuild it. Due to a steep embankment i couldnt get a trailer down to it so I put ALL usable wood (Red Oak) in the back of my truck.

This is how I stack it neatly in my shop

Step 2: The Ripping Process

Picture of The Ripping Process
13, 12:11 PM.jpg
13, 12:11 PM.jpg
I chose to go with 3" rips because I'm building a frame for a piece of art work that a friend bought. And since I'm already working with mostly 2x8's I can atleast get two good ones out of an original board.

Step 3: Choose Your Thickness

Picture of Choose Your Thickness
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Then I moved the fence to 5/8 of an inch and turned my rip long ways ( weathered side up). Now I didn't move the height of the blade because it was set to cut the thickness at 1 7/8" that means ill be into 1 7/8" of a 3" rip. Which is perfect for the width of natural trim I'm trying to achieve. The less I have to adjust the table saw the better.

Step 4: Hope You Have Extra!

Picture of Hope You Have Extra!
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13, 12:11 PM.jpg
Set pipe clamps on opposite side of the plunge cut and apply force to both in opposite directions. Due to the fact that your letting the wood make its own path, your not always going to get the right piece you need. I've found that it helps to (guide) the split in the general way you need it to go. I used a thick 7in1 painters tool. Once you start it you just pull on the pipe clamps opposite eachother and hope that'll be a piece you can use.

Step 5: Viola!!!! An Original Piece Every Time

Picture of Viola!!!! An Original Piece Every Time
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So now you got a smooth run and what appears to be split wood all in the same rip. which is perfect for the look I'm trying to achieve in wrapping this artwork in a custom frame.
happyDays85 (author) 1 year ago
This is my pride and joy. I go to my buddies house to visit my frame now. Not him. Lol
kdubois21 year ago
Very nice!
poofrabbit1 year ago
OH that is really lovely! Great image for the frame!