Step 5: Alignment

Picture of Alignment
The two blocks are for keeping the cooker at the right angle. You put one on either side of the curve, and adjust everything to be just right. What is just right? That's what we're about to find out.

Tape two squares of scrap foam board onto the cooker. Using something sharp, poke a hole through the first one, and about halfway into the other. (while they're stacked on top of each other) Tape the one with a hole all the way through it to the top, middle of the cooker, and the other to the bottom middle...they should be right above one another. Now, when you put the cooker out in the sun, there will be a shadow, with a dot on the ground. You just need to align the dot with the hole on the other square, and you will know that it's all good to cook!

Note: It's helpful to tape a small piece of board over the whole on this side. You need the hole for the skewer to rest on, but you don't want it to stick out and obstruct your alignment dot. Not necessary, but helpful.