Step 10: Add Claws

Picture of Add Claws
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You heard me.  We're adding claws to this sucker.  Because what's a monster (or a monster tuque and scarf set) without something with which to rip apart it's prey?  If this sounds too scary, skip to step 11.

10.1  Take some random scrap of white fleece you happen to have in the fabric stash you inherited from your mother-in-law (or buy some, your call).  You'll want two 6" squares (assuming that's the width of your scarf), folded in half.  Then draw on some rough claw shapes.

10.2 Stitch along your drawn lines,

10.3  ...then trim the excess fabric.

10.4  Turn your claws right side out using a pointy but dull tool - I found that a large guage knitting needle was perfect for the job.

10.5  Pin your claws to the edges of one of your scarf pieces.  Make sure to pin them to the right side of the fleece, with raw edges matching (claws should be facing the middle of the scarf).

10.6  Once the claws are sewn on, you can flip them so the claws face away from the middle, and the raw eges will be hidden.  On previous incarnations of this scarf, the seam was closer to the jagged edge of the claws, which looked considerably more claw-like.  This is more like a couple of extra sets of teeth.  Which I guess is also scary, so I'm going with it.