Step 11: Finish the Scarf

Picture of Finish the Scarf
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*If you decided to skip the claws because they were too scary, then you can rejoin us now.*

11.1  Line up the 2 centre points.

11.2  Pin the 2 scarf pieces together, right sides together.

11.3  Make sure the claws are tucked inside the scarf, facing the middle.

11.4  Stitch around 3 sides of the scarf, 1 cm away from the edge.  I left one of the short sides open, but a gap along one of the long edges would work, if you're planning to hand-stitch it shut.  Clip corners.

11.5  Turn the scarf right side out by pulling it through the opening.

11.6  Oh, the suspense...

11.7  There it is!

11.8  Flip the raw edge of the claws inside the scarf, pin it shut, and top stitch it together.

11.9  Done and done.
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