Step 2: Make a Pattern

Draw out a pattern using these dimensions as a guide.
Finished tuque sizes should be as follows:
X-Large: 24" circumference, 12" from top to bottom (unfolded, allows 2.75" for brim)
Large (Adult): 22" circumference, 11" from top to bottom (unfolded, allows 2.75" for brim)
Medium (Child or Youth): 20" circumference, 10" from top to bottom (unfolded, allows 2.75" for brim)
Small (Toddler): 18" circumference, 9" from top to bottom (unfolded, allows 2.5" for brim)
X-Small (Baby): 16" circumference, 8" from top to bottom (unfolded, allows 2.25" for brim)

Since the size of your embroidery pattern affects the width needed for your folded brim, choose embroidery designs that will fit well in the alloted brim size, or adjust your pattern accordingly. 

Add seam allowance as you see fit.  Since fleece doesn't fray, I added minimal seam allowance.
The link in the Instructable is dead. Check out urban threads for these designs. I'm pretty sure they are by the same artist. Also, Urban Threads is rad and those that are interested in alternative/lifestyle designs like Steampunk, Goth, etc. should really check it out. <br> <br>http://www.urbanthreads.com/products.aspx?productid=UTP1085 <br> <br>P.S. <br>They are having an anniversary sale right now (5/20/2013). 50% off designs and 25% off packs.
I agree - soooo cute! love them!
Those are too cute! Love the purple one with the lips. I really need to learn to use an embroidery machine, they seem like so much fun for things like this!

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