Step 7: Assemble the Tuques

Picture of Assemble the Tuques
Monster  Tuque 2012 092.jpg
Monster  Tuque 2012 093.jpg
Monster  Tuque 2012 097.jpg
Monster  Tuque 2012 086.jpg
Monster  Tuque 2012 094.jpg
Monster  Tuque 2012 089.jpg
7.1  Hooray, our embroidery is done!  Now to start sewing. 

7.2  Lay out the first piece of fleece, and fold the right quarter to the middle.  Pin along the right exterior curved edge.

7.3  Fold the left quarter to the middle, and pin along the left exterior curved edge. 

7.4  Sew.  I gave myself minimal seam allowance, so used the edge of the machine foot as my guide. 

7.5  Sew from the centre top  until the edge of the curve.  Then taper the stitch until you run off the fabric, and secure with backstitching.

7.6  Lay it out flat and admire your handiwork.

7.7  Fold in half then pin, ensuring that the bottom edges line up, as well as the 2 top seams.  Then stitch, starting at the bottom, so that you end with the front curve and another nice tapered stitch.
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