Step 8: 1 Tuque + 1 Tuque = 1 Tuque?

Picture of 1 Tuque + 1 Tuque = 1 Tuque?
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8.1  We now have 2 partially completed tuques.  If this were a different project, we could have skipped the embroidery, cut the pattern a couple of inches shorter, and just hemmed these suckers right now and called it a day.  But this is not a different project.  This is a much cooler project.  So we continue.

8.2  Start by cutting away the excess stabilizer.  Stabilizer is inherently not stretchy, and we want our finished tuque to stretch, so trim as close as you can to the embroidery.  Turn one tuque right side out and the other insde out.  Put the right side out tuque inside of the other (right sides together), making sure to line up the two centre lines.

8.3  Naturally, you'll also want to line up the back stitched seams.

8.4  Pin and sew, stopping 2 or 3 inches before you come full circle.  You'll want to use a long stitch so that you can still stretch the fleece.  I provided a 1 cm seam allowance when I decided where to place the embroidery, so that's how I sewed it here.

8.5  The tuque is now sewn together, but inside out.  Start pulling the tuque through the gap you left.

8.6  Almost there...

8.7  Seams are now hidden inside, with but a narrow opening.  You could hand-stitch that closed, but I'm using machine embroidery because I suck at hand stitching, so I'm not about to start hand-stitching now.  It's all about the machine for me.

8.8  Flip one half of the tuque inside the other.

8.9  Then topstitch all the way around the edge, closing up the gap.

8.10  Congratulations!  You now have a really long reversible tuque with upside down eyes!

8.11  Oh, wait.  Flip up the edge, and you now have a perfect length reversible tuque with right-side up eyes, which is super warm (4 layers of fleece cover your ears - great for Canadian winters, eh). 
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