Step 9: Whip up a Scarf

Picture of Whip up a Scarf
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But wait, there's more!  What's a tuque without a matching scarf? 

9.1  I wanted a finished scarf around 5"x60", so with seam allowance cut 6" from the full length of the fleece. 

9.2  Mark the center point on the fleece.  Why?  Because we're embroidering this, too! 
Note: If you're doing a really wide embroidery design, such as a wide-open yawning mouth, you'll want a wider scarf to accomodate the design.

9.3  Prep your stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive as before.

9.4  With the fabric centered in the hoop, start stitching.

9.5  Stitch a second mouth on contrasting fabric, then cut away the excess stabilizer.  You don't need to cut as close as you did with the eyes, because it's not as essesntial that the scarf be stretchy.  We could prep these for sewing right now, but I've got something else in mind...