Let the Sunshine In





Introduction: Let the Sunshine In

Simple idea to use the windows as lightning equipments. (Solar Charged)

Step 1: The Mirrors

Fixing two mirrors on the size of the window, looking in each other.

Step 2: The Circuit

Build a simple circuit which will make charging and controlling available. A regulator for charge. A photoresistor with BC547 to switch on the circuit in the night time. A PIR motion detector for turning on the lights with any motion in the room. A timer circuit with 555 to turn it off in 1,5 minutes.

Special thank to ELECTRONICS HUB for the timer circuit design.


Step 3: Assembling

Connect 10 x 1.5V Solar cells in serial (+ to -), stick them with silicon on the mirror. Put the rechargeable batteries and the circuit in the cable canal. Fix them all together.

Step 4: On the Window.

Screw the equipment on the window.

Step 5: Circuit

The simple control circuit.

1- LM1117 (is a small one but LM317T or L7812CV is ok too)

2- BC547 x2

3- 10 X 1.5V Solar cell (connected in serial)

4- 10X 1.2V Rechargeable battery

5- Resistor 220KOhm

6- Photoresistor 5mm.

7- Diode 1N4007

8- PIR sensor

9- Resistor 10Kohm

10- Resistor 120Kohm

11- IC 555

12- Capacitor ceramic 0.1nF (104)

13 Capacitor 470μF 16V

14- LED strip

Special Thanks to ELECTRONİCS HUB for the 555 Timer circuit Design.




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1 year ago

Since the LED strip is at the end of the circuit, it has approx 9V.It can be brighter; So; I just try to use the 555 part of the circuit as a switch, the way I used photo sensor and PIR motion sensor parts with BC 547s, and try to get the energy of the LED strip directly from the batteries. It was not possible to arrange any solution. Please share if you have any suggestion. Thank you.


1 year ago

Sorry friend i m feeling difficult to understand the setup can you please put some more steps or a video will be helpful.

Hope you will do my setup is in starting stage

2 replies

If you cannot wait just try to use bigger solar cells, because these solar cells are optimum for charging batteries. Bigger solar cells will guarantee the charge even if you use it more than expected or the sun is not enough for more than 1 day.

Secondly; to use the PIR motion sensor before the light sensor in the circuit maybe more efficient in usage.

Yes please wait for a while because I am working on the circuit to increase the efficiency.

ok i got it now,... xtended apologies i see how to view all 5 steps ... figured this ouit after looking at more stuff and thinking ...there hasd to be more than 1 step to all of these... lol \

need more info other than pic of material and pic of product and 1 step obscure instruction

Clever idea. I had actually been thinking about doing something similar with a sky light. But I really like this too.

1 reply