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My workshop is a large mess of whistles, bells, motors, computers, scanners, fax machines, circuit boards, micro controllers, water pumps, plastic dinosaurs, stuffed animals, scribbles, wires, strings, ropes, screwdrivers, safety gear, water bottles, t-shirts, felt, half-used batteries, speakers, screws, springs, rubber bands, acrylic, phone sockets, PVC, paper, keyboards, keyboards, keyboards and a stuffed bear hat with LED eyes. I think I forgot to list some stuff. What are you looking for? If it can fit comfortably in a two gallon water jug, I probably have it.


darman12 (author)2013-08-12

Hmmmm... I guess my room isn't so bad. But I bet if I show these pictures to my mom, she still wouldn't agree with me. Have any perf board in there? Need some to get my project from the "final prototype" to "final product" stage; I want my breadboard back >:{

supersoftdrink (author)2012-08-31


Step 1. Cut a hole in the jug
Step 2...

also... is that your overpriced fossil-based synthetic fragrance victoria's secret lotion on the sink? Pink is a very manly color.

randofo (author)supersoftdrink2012-09-01

Yeah.... my girlfriend left that there from the onset... and then it just sat there for the entire year and a half that I had the studio... I mainly used the expensive fancy-shmancy whole foods foaming hand lotion to the left. Much more manly.

mr fat (author)2012-01-02

Great set up!

scafool (author)2008-12-20

Hey, how did you get so much of best my junk?!?!

pfred2 (author)randofo2011-06-15

Freecycle is almost non-existent here. I'm with you on the PE storage bins though!

darkclaw42 (author)randofo2009-12-13

 Amazing! Thanks for sharing your 'office' and your supplier. I wish I had a room like that, becuase I see at least 7 computers, theater, and recording studio items. Very nice!

scafool (author)randofo2008-12-21

Very good!

The Bulldog (author)2011-05-06

So I hear you like stuff.. xD
Compared to this my room isnt even that bad :O

Jimmy Proton (author)2010-08-22

thats alooooooooooooot of "junk" you have there, let me get some of that off your hands haha

jaxxster1 (author)2009-08-10

do you have an extra laptop HDD lying around? my grandpa took mine out >:(

fairyduck (author)2009-08-01

stuuuuuuufffff! my spare room has no space left in it, but I have dressmaking, business, storage and lots more hobbies, extra kid's toys etc etc.... I need to do the storage instructable me thinks...

Goodhart (author)2009-07-24

Question: How do you keep those water jugs from moving about? They are stacked will, and it looks like a GREAT idea for storage, but the jugs we have around here would not stack well.

Sorry for bumping this ....

randofo (author)Goodhart2009-07-24

I tie them together in pairs of four. I have considered stapling them to the wall, but haven't tried this yet.

Goodhart (author)randofo2009-07-25

Thanks, they look to be a little sturdier then most of the water jugs we have available in my area, though.

rightbraincreative (author)2009-04-06

Drawing machine? Please elaborate.

stone3408 (author)2008-12-21

It is comforting to know that someone out there keeps more stuff than I do. I'll have to show this to my wife and tell her "see it could be that bad." On the other hand there is some good stuff in there. Really I'm just jealous.

bizydad (author)stone34082008-12-30

I was thinking exactly the same thing...haha

Scammah (author)2008-12-21

So I can build my "Junk Bots"

Scammah (author)2008-12-21

I want your pile of priceless electronic junk

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-12-20

Wow, messier than mine, but so much more parts

gmjhowe (author)2008-12-20

Wow, and i thought my work space was messy. Though, yours is a well organized mess, i will give you that.

randofo (author)gmjhowe2008-12-20

Your is much cleaner. Impressively clean in fact. And it has an equally impressive door cutout guide. I wish I had space for an emergency door guide.

gmjhowe (author)randofo2008-12-20

Thats my studio at work - you should see my room, infact, i might put up my workspace, even though i cant win, it would be fun to share - i am in tidy mode atm though! Its a problem when i cant move my chair without running over some motherboard or something.

Lithium Rain (author)2008-12-20

Holy guacamole... I WANT THAT STUFF!

T3h_Muffinator (author)2008-12-20

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Randy, you've got a nice place! I'm coming home soon, so i'll be able to post around tomorrow!

randofo (author)T3h_Muffinator2008-12-20

You were never there? Hmmm... I guess not. No one visits me here more than once anyhow. Its usually messier and there are few places to sit.

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