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Introduction: Let There Be Stuff

My workshop is a large mess of whistles, bells, motors, computers, scanners, fax machines, circuit boards, micro controllers, water pumps, plastic dinosaurs, stuffed animals, scribbles, wires, strings, ropes, screwdrivers, safety gear, water bottles, t-shirts, felt, half-used batteries, speakers, screws, springs, rubber bands, acrylic, phone sockets, PVC, paper, keyboards, keyboards, keyboards and a stuffed bear hat with LED eyes. I think I forgot to list some stuff. What are you looking for? If it can fit comfortably in a two gallon water jug, I probably have it.



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    Hmmmm... I guess my room isn't so bad. But I bet if I show these pictures to my mom, she still wouldn't agree with me. Have any perf board in there? Need some to get my project from the "final prototype" to "final product" stage; I want my breadboard back >:{


    Step 1. Cut a hole in the jug
    Step 2...

    also... is that your overpriced fossil-based synthetic fragrance victoria's secret lotion on the sink? Pink is a very manly color.

    Yeah.... my girlfriend left that there from the onset... and then it just sat there for the entire year and a half that I had the studio... I mainly used the expensive fancy-shmancy whole foods foaming hand lotion to the left. Much more manly.

    Great set up!

    Hey, how did you get so much of best my junk?!?!

    Freecycle is almost non-existent here. I'm with you on the PE storage bins though!

     Amazing! Thanks for sharing your 'office' and your supplier. I wish I had a room like that, becuase I see at least 7 computers, theater, and recording studio items. Very nice!

    So I hear you like stuff.. xD
    Compared to this my room isnt even that bad :O