Introduction: Let's Assemble an Adafruit Motor Shield

You know how some people play games on youtube while you watch?  I thought it would be more helpful to make things on youtube while you watch.

Soldering a through-hole circuit board or PCB can seem intimidating with all the different parts and the amount of work involved.  I'm here to show you all it takes is a little patience and a good sound track.

This is an Adafruit Motor Shield, perfect for roboty goodness.  I use one in my mural drawing robot, two in my indoor skycam, and I have plans to use three in a bigger project down the road.


JamesNewton (author)2014-02-20

I'd love to hear more about your indoor skycam. I'm working on one myself:

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Bio: I want to build my moon base with remote controlled robots and solar sintering.
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