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I have an endless fascination with anything that sparkles and glitters in the sunlight. Sun-catchers and glass orbs line my window sills and fill little dishes. So when I came across the idea of baking marbles to get beautiful little cracks while maintaining the smooth surface on the outside I had to try it and share it here.

When you are done you can use them in a variety of ways; try fitting them into jewelry or filling a pretty vase for display. Don’t stop at standard marbles, try cracking flat backed marbles and make them into magnets its up to you!

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Step 1: Get some marbles

Picture of Get some marbles

Step 2: Get some findings

Picture of Get some findings

Step 3: Bake at 450 degrees F for 20 Min and then dump in Ice water

Picture of Bake at 450 degrees F for 20 Min and then dump in Ice water

Step 4: Assemble the headpin and bead-cap

Picture of Assemble the headpin and bead-cap

Step 5: Trim the headpin down and bend it into a circle

Picture of Trim the headpin down and bend it into a circle

Step 6: Turn them into wearable jewelry or little sun-catchers!

Picture of Turn them into wearable jewelry or little sun-catchers!

Thats it! its sooooo easy.

paleogirl7 months ago

OMG! I would have never thought of putting all of those marbles I have in my studio on a cookie sheet and sticking them in the oven. That's brilliant and so easy. I'll have to try it! I see that it works with clear ones, but have you worked with ones that are coated,say,in iridescent coats? That's what I have the most of, so I'm just curious. Can't hurt to try, right? When I do this, I'll post pics. May be a bit though as I have to have a worthy project to put them on. I have head pins, but no caps.

BerryCraftyFox (author)  paleogirl7 months ago

Oooh I haven't tried it with iridescent ones! post pics with resaults please <3

When I was young - a kazillion years ago - we cracked marbles, too.
What we did was put a couple of marbles on a tablespoon and hold the
spoon over a flame on the stove - we had a gas stove. When the spoon
got too hot to hold, we dumped it and the marbles into a pan of cold
water. They cracked very nicely, but the spoon got tarnished, so use an
old one. The longer you held the spoon and the hotter the marbles got,
the more cracks you got. This way you can do only a couple at a time
and it doesn't take that long. But, I'd use a potholder now:) Thanks
the trip down memory lane:) All we had was cracked marbles, we never
thought of doing the cool things (do people still say cool?) you do.
That's really amazing and I'm going to try making the ear rings, but
think I'll use the spoon:)

BerryCraftyFox (author)  BetsyFartBlossom7 months ago

you are right, the hotter it gets the better the cracks! I even re-baked mine a few times to get more.

skylane7 months ago

I too did that when I was a kid, but that was only a jillion years ago ;)

I held a marble, with pliers, over the gas stove flame, for maybe 20-30 seconds then dropped it into a glass full of water. I had purees (sp), cat-eyes, boulders, et al. Being useless marbles, I think I turned them into slingshot ammo. They didn't ricochet because they break so easily... they turned into shrapnel....

BerryCraftyFox (author)  skylane7 months ago

Omgosh haha that sounds like something crazy that I would have done as a kid..why didn't I thank of that at the time haha.

fbonera7 months ago

I think I am stupid, but what is the purposeof baking the marbles? I mean, does the heat create particular light reflecting surfaces?

BerryCraftyFox (author)  fbonera7 months ago

Hi, When you heat a marble up to really high temperatures like in the oven, and then put them directly into ice water while they are still reallllly hot they CRACK! but only on the inside. The outside stays smooth. So what you get is a marble with crackles inside so when you hold it up to the light it sparkles.

LeeFogle7 months ago

When I was young, we heated them in a skillet. Fried marbles were the rage.

Snowball107 months ago

They are so beautiful!

craftyv7 months ago

I too love anything that sparkles but have never heard of this. Beautifull to see and a great Instructable except for the hard to read words.

lsw1067 months ago

What a great idea!!!!!!! I will so be trying this soon!!!!

RachelB17 months ago

So cool I love it! <3

Verticees7 months ago


BigRed19737 months ago

A kindred spirit!! Thanks for sharing.........

BerryCraftyFox (author) 7 months ago

Omgosh I've been featured! Thank you!! <3

Very nice!

Ayushi Sharma7 months ago

they look beautiful..well done..:)

audreyobscura7 months ago

Cool idea!