Picture of Robots With A Beat
I watched a Ted Talk on robots with a sense of feeling. Guy Hoffman shows his newest product, a robot that would "feel the beat of the music" from a docked iPod.I decided that I would make my own. I made a rudimentary version of his robot with a simple little toy horse doll.

Step 1: Get the materials

You will need the following materials to complete this project:
(If you have any questions on alternative materials ask in the comments below)
  • One flexible toy doll (with limbs what can move)
  • One Arduino (Uno, Mega or similar)
  • Lots of jumper wire
  • One rbg led (optional)
  • One or two servos preferably mini
  • Some string or metal picture frame hanging wire
  • One hot glue gun and sticks or double sided foam tape
  • One Xacto Knife
  • 9v Battery or other Arduino power source
  • One small box to hold the servos
  • 3.3 mm audio jack.(headphone jack)

Would a regular 1/8th audio cable from RadioShack with some jumper cables soldered to it work? That's all I could manage to find, but I upload the code and nothing happens. I'm new to arduino, but I'm p sure that's the only thing off about my wiring

rohanmenon (author)  reggie.krayfish4 months ago

It would seem as that would work fine

Did you connect two cables to one port? I'm confused

rohanmenon (author)  GangsterMegaExtreme9 months ago

yes, I did so to save pins on the arduino. The head and the leg move the same amount.