Let's Have a Rockets and Lumi Picnic - Yay!




Introduction: Let's Have a Rockets and Lumi Picnic - Yay!

Our hacker space - the Rabbit Hole - received some Lumi.co Inkodye from Instructables.com and came up with a fun idea: Since Lumi Inkodye requires bright sunlight to make custom Tee-shirts, let's go all out and have a picnic! Food, Estes Rockets, Pop Bottle Rockets, more food, and Lumi! It was a blast! (thanks Instructables and Lumi)

We think we may have been working in too bright of sunlight for the Lumi, so we're going back to the craft-room for the next try. Regardless it's all recorded for posterity (including a slow motion pop bottle explosion and a mishap involving a parachute that did not deploy), Enjoy!

We tried Lumi a second time and had much better results, so here's a link to our Instructable with a more foolproof Step by Step process for creating Lumi shirts



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