Lets Play Minecraft Ep 1


Introduction: Lets Play Minecraft Ep 1

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Step 1: The Seed

The seed is a very simple one its called (begin)

Step 2: First

First of all get your main resource wood!

Step 3: Finding a Place

I have found a nice little place to start

Step 4: Crafting Table

Step 5: Tools

Some main starter wooden tools

Step 6: Cobble

A little hovel so i dont die a terrible death from mobs

Step 7: Stone Tools

Some stone tools for stronger every day jobs

Step 8: Torches

Light ze place up

Step 9: And Again

Step 10: Door and Interior

Chests,furnaces,crafting bench, door

Step 11: Sunset

Finally you have survived the first day



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    Ha i never notices that!

    On the third pic it looks like you have a chicken in your hot bar !

    Thanks man i thought it would be quite popular

    I like I think it's cool that you made like a little lp on this awesome app