Introduction: Let's Play Pokémon

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I'm gonna teach you a fun Pokemon game with "real" Pokemon minus the DS & GBA!

Step 1: Requirements

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-12 or more different Pokemon. You can either use ones already made like mine (I got mine from a magazine). Or, you can make your own.

-Knowledge of Pokemon basics & Rock-Paper-Scissors

-Your own hands

-a buddy who can be GARY OAK! I mean your rival

Step 2: Let's Play!

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First, mix up 12 Pokemon from the ones you have. Make sure all of 'em are face down and have the same background. Then, you and a friend each take 6 Pokemon again, making sure they're all facing down. Fig. 1

Next, lay the Pokemon still face down lined up. Take 1 Pokemon each and face them up. Fig. 2 & 3

Step 3: Rules

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If 1 Pokemon is effective against the opponent, it automatically wins. If not, obviously it loses. In the example, Mamoswine vs Staravia. Mamoswine is an Ice type while Staravia is a Flying type. Since Ice beats Flying, Mamoswine wins. Turn the defeated Pokemon upside down to show it has lost. Fig. 1. In the case of Dragon vs Dragon, its a tie & they both lose.

If the Pokemon are equal ex. Water vs Normal, play Rock Paper Scissors. Whoever wins, means his Pokemon is the winner. Fig. 2 & 3

If the Pokemon has immunity, example, Ghost vs Fighting, the one with Immunity wins. If both have immunity, example, Ghost vs Normal, Rock paper scissors to know the winner.

Continue until at least one player has at least1 Pokemon left.


GhettoPidgeotto123 (author)2015-09-19

Nice! Very creative and looks fun.

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Bio: I am a big video gamer, and I love creating things out of anything usable
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