Let´s Quest !!





Introduction: Let´s Quest !!

When rutine has become an uncofortable guest in your home is time to kick out of your life.I mean some times those role games just don´t let stand of that chair.
Sometimes those virtual worlds become in our live and don`t let us sleep quietly...well I was there  and my kids too. This the story of a little boy that just couldnt stop to play game roles. I just have to find a bright solution to this issue.
So I , as his beloved father, decided set a Real life play role quest. Show them that without pain no gain ,let them know about mother nature and all the cares and love that earth deserves and all those metaphoric things that life gave to every of us.It´s time to get fun on the wild outside !!

Step 1: The Plan.

Ok this was my plan. In a weekend when they dont take clases on their school I just Tell them that I Really need to find a place where grows a beautiful flower and maybe the ruins of an ancient comunity.So we take the bus ready for three days of camping.We met on the way a really nice people that goes there to plant some trees, so we decided to help them with this labor.We went to Tota`s lake a really nice mirror of wáter.Once we got there we find a guide to teach us all the nice places where we could see.

Step 2: The Path.

It was a really tough road we walk for almost 4 hours with cold and windy conditions along the way we had a great time talking about life and nature.One of the best moments of my life.There is alot of feelings we felt along this way sometimes we get tired, other times we were scaried but when things get harder we felt the warm hug of mother nature giving us a nice welcoming.

Step 3: The Treasures.

In these Quest we found a lot of treasures.We saw a lot of wild horses,We drink pure mountain wáter,we also saw giant flowers, ducks, but what really find was friendship and learn how to love wild nature and stay connected to mother earth, besides we met some good friends.Back in home we talk about that beautiful jewek we have in home that nice mom that take care of us.All those things that we had in home making our life more easy to take.   Well this is all I just wanted to share with you our last adventure and how to spend some quality time with my kids in the outdoors.Tke care, comment and rate.                                                                                                                                                 



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    You are a wonderful father with two great kids. Thank you for sharing your adventures. The world would be a much better place with more families such as yours.

    Hard to understand

    This warmed my heart, thank you.

    You're a wonderful father :)

    too bad I live somewhere that this isn't possible

    That`s the point you could start a quest everywhere.All you have to do is a plan, maybe a map, some hidden treasures...What if you try in a abandoned building.?

    What country is this?

    Boyaca,Colombia, South America.Best place ever.!!

    Is my land, Mr. Sanchez, great idea.