Introduction: Let's Make a Clay Cartoon Bottle!

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HI, everyone.
Do you love the Chinchilla? Or the other cartoons?
It's easy to make a clay one .I will show you the steps as follow.

Step 1:

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Find a little bottle and put the green clay into the bottle.

Step 2:

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Make the Chinchilla body.

Step 3:

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Make the white belly.

Step 4:

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Make the ears.

Step 5:

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Then make some flowers and put them into the bottle.

Step 6:

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Then put the Chinchilla into the bottle.

Step 7:

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Totoro is the coolest fuzz

indream (author)2013-10-16


JimmyQin (author)2013-10-16

WoW!!! Ingenuity!

organgrinder (author)2013-10-16


piggypignet (author)2013-10-15

Wow, I love it.

jessicadu (author)2013-10-15


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