Let’s Make a Latte!





Introduction: Let’s Make a Latte!

A friend recently opened his own coffee shop and very quickly discovered that there's a whole art to making the perfect cup.

Step 1: Table

Every good coffee needs a beautiful coffee table.

Step 2: Porcelain

You'll need a suitable cup, saucer, and (preferably cute & tiny) spoon.

Step 3: Espresso Goes Here

Step 4: Grinder

This is a fancy grinder, but any blender will do.

Step 5: Pack a Puck

Pack the espresso into a firm puck.

Step 6: Brew

An ideal brew is around 26 seconds. Too short and it will taste bitter, too long and it will taste burnt.

Step 7: MMMmmmilk

Whole milk works best because its higher fat content taste better.

Step 8: Steam

Work efficiently and steam the milk while the espresso is brewing.

Step 9: Pour

Pour the freshly brewed espresso into the cup and then carefully add the milk.

Step 10: Garnish

Add some garnish such a cocoa powder and voila, a beautiful latte!



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Do you work at s coffee shop or something?!? How does a person who dosent has all that fancy stuff make steamed milk!