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Introduction: Let's Talk: GL10

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Watch the video, more details:
GL10: Grenade Launcher 2010
Blast radius: 2,5 meter
range with 1 band: 40-45 feet flat
number of frags: 6
extra features: bipod + foot hold (for loading), foregrip.



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    why did you remove the vid

    because I'm not going to post it and I got trolled on at youtube

    i knew you were a dutch! i heard it in your voice at the beginning! you talk the same as me (also the same lame english xD) im dutch too ;)

    ok, lol, hoe oud ben je dan?

    bijna 14, volgens mij was jij op die video 14 ??

    K, je zag er uit als 14 8-)

    no no no thank YOU for my 500TH COMMENT!!!!!

    Thank YOU for my 1959th comment!!!!

    But I wasn't replying to you. :-P

    Best one of the site. =D You should really post it! If you do, I'm gonna make it. P.S. 5* and faved.=]

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    Naw, this other kid made one with a shrapnel count of 24, and it got 80 ft.

    I don't care, I didn't see his but yours looks cooler! XD

    How did you get a pic of mine? How did you even know I was working on it?