Letter "A" Made Out of PVC Pipe


Introduction: Letter "A" Made Out of PVC Pipe

This instructable will teach you how to make the letter "A" out of PVC Pipe!!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials needed for this project: 
PVC-Pipe Cutter
2 90-degree-elbow-connectors
2 t-bar-connectors
2 4-inch pieces of PVC Pipe
4 6-inch pieces of PVC Pipe

It is helpful to use a sharpie while measuring to mark where you want to cut the pieces.

Step 2: Assemble Legs

Connect a T-Bar connector to 2 6-inch pieces of PVC Pipe. Each 6-inch piece of PVC Pipe should have one T-bar connector to it by the outside socket of the T-Bar Connector.

Step 3: Connect Upper Pieces

Connect 2 4-inch pieces of PVC Pipe to the other socket of both T-Bar Connectors (connect to opposite socket the 6-inch pieces are connected on).

Step 4: Connect Both Pieces Together

Connect the T-bar Connectors together with another 6-inch piece of PVC Pipe.

Step 5: Connect Top Piece of Letter "A"

Connect a 90-degree-elbow-connector to both 4-inch pieces of PVC Pipe and attach the final 6-inch piece of PVC Pipe to both of the empty sockets on the 90-degree-elbow-connectors so they are connected



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