Like everyone else I get a lot of junk mail and it usually ends up in the recycling bin. But I had an idea to see if I could make something with it instead of just throwing it in the bin. So I came up with this, I made a letter opener from the junk mail using fiberglass resin to make it stiff. It is basically the same as making Micarta from fabric but instead I used the paper from my junk mail. The process is fairly straight forward and the end product ended up working quite well. I don't know how long the edge will last but I only plan to use this for opening letters so I'm not too concerned with it becoming dull. And if it does become dull I can always touch up the edge.

Video of the process:

Step 1:

The first thing I did was gathered up some junk mail that was all about the same size.

<p>I wonder if what you have made is basically Formica.</p>
<p>Not sure, all the Formica I have ever dealt with would chip when broken this material doesn't do that, but I really don't know how they make Formica so could be.</p>
<p>Cool! Did you ask money from Amazon for the ad?</p>
<p>Man I wish!</p>
<p>Noice but hard!</p>
<p>Alternate use as a prison shiv.</p>
<p>I keep getting that comment on other social media now I'm not so sure I should have made this instructable. LOL.</p>
<p>And the standard response is that you can make a weapon out of anything - see what can be done with a telephone handset etc. Does anyone still have one of those?</p><p>However a letter opener neither needs an edge or a particularly pointy point. My Dad had a letter opener made from a piece of teak from the decking of H.M.S. Ajax (And I don't know why!) that was merely shaped into an elongated tear drop and worked very well.</p><p>Excellent instructable by the way. You seem to have much more interesting junk mail than me. All I get to re-cycle are the menus from Dominos which arrive with depressing frequency.</p>
<p>Very true. Fun fact I have never gotten a letter from Amazon but the day I decided to make this it was in the mail. It just happened to work out to be on top.</p>
<p>if a prisoner wants a weapon he will make one. you are not the first to think of that! they will come up with the craziest things. TV and movies also give them ideas.</p>
<p>Great idea! It gave me an idea. I had a letter opener and i mis placed it. i have some Brazilian Walnut which is a very hard wood and i have used some of it to make various things. A letter opener would be a great use for some of it.</p>
<p>I would imagine that would look really nice. Great idea!</p>
<p>The material itself would probably lend itself well to be machined into various items on a CNC router.</p>
<p>I would think so, its pretty much plastic once its cured.</p>
Looks like this would benefit from some alternating of light and dark sheets, to potentially give a zebra like color scheme...for other artistic projects, and the junk mail could easily be the inner light colored layers...
<p>That would look cool originally I had planned to use black sheets mixed with the white sheets to try and get a Damascus look but I opted to use just the junk mail instead.</p>
That's funny, ause Damascus was what I had in mind when considering the different looks...lol
<p>I like it, it could also be used for the pen making crowd</p>
<p>Yes definitely. Thanks.</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>That is ingenious.</p>
<p>excellent instructable....voted</p>
<p>Awesome thank you very much I appreciate it.</p>
<p>neat idea, 2 items that help in step 7 place a 1/2&quot; steel square tube (or 1&quot; or larger) under the clamps to equalize the pressure and the solvent MEK will cut most cured resin if you do get it on the clamps. It will also remove paint, is probably carcinogenic, definitely flammable and available at Lowes and HQ in most states - please follow usual safety protocols, no flame, a breeze and/or closed container when soaking and while not for use on skin it will migrate through the skin and make your mouth feel like it is full of dentist cotton - urethane gloves are probably better than latex when working with this stuff. In the early Vette rebuild days (late 50's) we wore no gloves and none of my friends have died from anything other than stupidity or trying to tune a chain adjuster on a Indian widow maker while going 40 mph, which is stupid when you think about it. Again, a fine product and a good teaching example for the Jr high science and above. </p>
<p>And undetectable, OUTSTANDING! Going to have to make a few of these. Great video, Thank you.</p>
<p>Best paper craft project I have seen. At first I thought you had made it from something harder like a plastic gift card, but this is so much better than that.</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Thanks glad you liked it, I had fun making it.</p>
Great job! I have so much junk mail I could create a claymore.
<p>LOL!!! I know the feeling!</p>
Awesome job, might do one of these for fun
<p>Thanks it was a fun project to make.</p>

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