Introduction: Letter With Envelope Included!

So, got bored of the typical letter that has to be folded in four to fit an envelope?!
Let's save trees! 
& be original (: 

Step 1: Get All Together!

* Hands
* Sheet of paper/ Letter
Note: the size of paper used in here is A4 or the usual paper that everyone uses! :D 

Step 2: Let's Start Folding!

So, here it goes guys: 
[Straight up the sheet of paper so it looks as in the image]
Fold in triangles the upper parts of the paper 
Fold in triangles the lower parts of the paper

It has to look like in the last image, all the 4 cornerns are in triangles (: 

Step 3: Uhm? More Folding!

Now, fold eehm.. how to explain it!? 
see the images above (: 

Then, see the triangles that got shaped from the last folding?
Guess what?
Yes, fold it AGAIN to the center (: 

Now, you will have a rectangle as seen above. 
Turn it around & we will KEEP ON FOLDING (: 

I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it was to explain it with words (:
So I REALLY hope that the images help you understand what I meant! :D
Contact me if there are any doubts

Step 4: Challenge!

Haha! now have some fun and see how your friends try to Fold it all over again once thay opened it ;D 

Personally, my favorite part! :D 


hindmarauder made it! (author)2015-01-18

Done! for those who got confused, just fold one the other half way into behind and and the other one halfway too, then insert the corners and stuff, I can show the images but busy doing retreat letters!

Cheers to ArcticLiz! tis is wonderful, my special someone might appreiciate it that much :D

ReateyaLee (author)2011-07-12

I'm really confused...I'm not really sure what to do after the fifth image on this step.

ttikmai (author)2010-07-24

Very well done, the pictures make and excellent guide, ps. I figured out that as long as you crease and score your folds you can do this with lightweight card stock :)

ArcticLiz (author)ttikmai2010-07-24

:O interesting! :D

DrWilson (author)2010-07-23

Thats clever, nice first instructable!

ArcticLiz (author)DrWilson2010-07-23

Thank you very much! :D

DrWilson (author)ArcticLiz2010-07-24

your welcome!

rimar2000 (author)2010-07-23

Very ingenious! Can this be used on emails? ;)

ArcticLiz (author)rimar20002010-07-23

Working on it!! ;D