Letz Build an Ironman Mark 7 Paper Model (no Pep)





Introduction: Letz Build an Ironman Mark 7 Paper Model (no Pep)

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Welcome to this Ironman paper model tutroial...

As you may have already know, most people on the internet build awesome Ironman models using pep files (pre-made 2d pattern that assemble 3d forms). But the process usually includes back and forth in softwares, missing pieces and digital format or printing issues... pre-made pep files is cool, but took away the best part of paper craft... creativity and experimentation...

Dont be a slave of the pep file, we are artist not cutting and sticking machines!!

This tutorial features:

  • no pep files,
  • no need to be a computer wizard
  • fully recycled materials...
  • three short youtube videos tutorial
  • and once you master the technique you can build whatever you like!!
  • old-fashion and raw truepaper craft experience..
  • can be carry out in any size and level of detail you wish, in my case its about a foot tall...

Letz start this wonderful journey...

Step 1: Step 1: Material and Tools

the project is a low budget one hang tight...


  • plenty of recycled paper boxes (tissue or cereal box)
  • some draft paper for drafting and sketching
  • pens, pencils, and markers
  • adhesive tape


  • scissors (normal scissors will do)
  • cutters (optional)
  • hot glue gun (you can any glue you like i like hot glue gun cus its fast and firm)

This is it for material and tools, scissors, cutter and hot glue gun could potentially be dangerous use with care.

Step 2: Step 2: Preparation

Production pipeline usually compose of PPP, pre-production, production and post-porduction...

The process of pre-production is crucial for the project,

conceptual preparation:

  • write down the intended sizes and dimension of your work
  • start googling reference fotos (models from hottoys made good reference)
  • draw or print a 1:1 sketch (blueprints) for your work
  • come up with simple plan of constructing the 3d shapes and forms

physical preparation

  • have a clean working table (which i cant...haha... my table is so messy)
  • unfold your paper boxes and estimate how many will be use
  • do some experiment on playing around with paper

p.s. the better the preparation is done, the easier the project will get along...

drawing your own sketch takes time, but really reveal a lot more details and realism... Make the production stage smoother and more efficient...

Step 3: Step:3 Start Doing the Helmet!!

First rule, dont giveup, practise made perfect.

It took me some trial before i am happy with my work...

you may as well prepare some rough sketch of layers of cardboard, which piece you should handle first, like my example...

this is a youtube vid of summary of my work...

  • build the helmet as a cynlinder, and add more and more layers to it,
  • layers can be flat vary in shape
  • layer can also be 3-d using technique similar to pep files
  • i called it human pep files haha
  • always refer to a 1:1 reference to prevent major off scale

Step 4: Step 4: Build Different Part of Body Armor

If you follow my youtube vid and got a helmet done Congrats....

Please unleash your creativity, and try to do the same things with the chest piece, arm pieces etc...

Here are some reminders i have thru making mistakes and experience...

  • keep things in scale
  • Always draw the pattern on paper card before cutting
  • you would like to start with the helmet then the chest piece then the limbs
  • do the individual part first don't stick them together at this point
  • pay attention to the symmetry of both sides of the model
  • keep a copy of complex pattern that you are proud of

Step 5: Step 5: Ironman Assemble

Following previous steps you should have all parts ready....

Assembling them all:

  • come up with a pose (pay attention to the center of gravity(belly button))
  • start gluing the part together according to you pose plan
  • check if the model can stand on its own every time you stick a new piece...
  • if you want a base for better display like i did (the shield icon), feel free to make your own special base!

Step 6: Step 6: Post-production

you probably have your own paper model built, you can paint it with arylic paint, spray paint, and finish off with some glossy surface and battle damage....

I personally left the texture of paper as they are because paper is raw and pretty in a sense....

Letz build your own Ironman paper model and share with me i would love to know...

p.s. these technique can be apply to any model you want, attached with an optimus prime i did with same technique and similar procedures hope you like my instrutable, if you do pls vote....


pls comment and give suggestion below, constructive criticism is most welcome...

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    please tell me that you entered this instructable in the papercraft contest...ill vote for you.

    2 replies

    As a matter of fact, i indeed entered the papercraft contest with this piece... feel free to vote in the contest, if you like my work, please vote for me... thx for your support...

    the orange ribbon on the top right hand corner, i think... thx again for appreciation...

    Great build - your really talented, with a good eye for detail

    1 reply

    Thx man!! I built this one with pleasure!! Talent i dont know, but hardwork is the key to good instructables like yours and countless example on this site!!

    I really really look forward to seeing your build!

    nice... now make it out of metal, like pop cans!!

    Thx man

    The fact that this was done without pepakura is mind blowing. Excellent job!

    1 reply

    thank you... i do like papercraft with out pep file...

    Hows that now? Keep me posted

    OMG this means quite alot... I think hot toys are awesome too!!

    HaHa typo... i cant seem to find that...

    A very interesting project, I'm assuming that Optimus Prime was made the same way, ???

    1 reply

    yes, should do an instructable on that too?