Picture of Letz build an Ironman mark 7 paper model (no pep)

Welcome to this Ironman paper model tutroial...

As you may have already know, most people on the internet build awesome Ironman models using pep files (pre-made 2d pattern that assemble 3d forms). But the process usually includes back and forth in softwares, missing pieces and digital format or printing issues... pre-made pep files is cool, but took away the best part of paper craft... creativity and experimentation...

Dont be a slave of the pep file, we are artist not cutting and sticking machines!!

This tutorial features:

  • no pep files,
  • no need to be a computer wizard
  • fully recycled materials...
  • three short youtube videos tutorial
  • and once you master the technique you can build whatever you like!!
  • old-fashion and raw true paper craft experience..
  • can be carry out in any size and level of detail you wish, in my case its about a foot tall...

Letz start this wonderful journey...

Step 1: Step 1: Material and Tools

Picture of Step 1: Material and Tools

the project is a low budget one hang tight...


  • plenty of recycled paper boxes (tissue or cereal box)
  • some draft paper for drafting and sketching
  • pens, pencils, and markers
  • adhesive tape


  • scissors (normal scissors will do)
  • cutters (optional)
  • hot glue gun (you can any glue you like i like hot glue gun cus its fast and firm)

This is it for material and tools, scissors, cutter and hot glue gun could potentially be dangerous use with care.

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please tell me that you entered this instructable in the papercraft contest...ill vote for you.
mchau2 (author)  djgriff00011 year ago

As a matter of fact, i indeed entered the papercraft contest with this piece... feel free to vote in the contest, if you like my work, please vote for me... thx for your support...

mchau2 (author)  mchau21 year ago

the orange ribbon on the top right hand corner, i think... thx again for appreciation...

greganim10 months ago

very cool!

mchau2 (author)  greganim10 months ago
Thx man
Verticees1 year ago

The fact that this was done without pepakura is mind blowing. Excellent job!

mchau2 (author)  Verticees1 year ago
thank you... i do like papercraft with out pep file...
I'm building a mark III
mchau2 (author)  AssassinzSinpZ1 year ago

Hows that now? Keep me posted

This is way better than that hot toys mark 7 I have!
mchau2 (author)  AssassinzSinpZ1 year ago

OMG this means quite alot... I think hot toys are awesome too!!

What a cReativity

mchau2 (author)  mobiansstech1 year ago

HaHa typo... i cant seem to find that...

A very interesting project, I'm assuming that Optimus Prime was made the same way, ???

mchau2 (author)  Lord_Fyunae1 year ago

yes, should do an instructable on that too?

Dude make qn instructable on Optimus he looks v. v. cool
mchau2 (author)  mchau21 year ago
wrong reply sorry
mchau2 (author)  Lord_Fyunae1 year ago
well u mean china? hong kong is in china...
ecsaul231 year ago
woohoo!!! congrats on 1st place! way to go you!
mchau2 (author)  ecsaul231 year ago

super awesome... Thx for support.... I will try keep up the gd work

mchau2 (author)  arnav chachra1 year ago
epoveda1 year ago
good i need 1 :D
mchau2 (author)  epoveda1 year ago
build one! go and try... its somuch fun
Tgizzo1 year ago
I'm making a life size, wearable iron man suit :) this is an inspiration also :P
mchau2 (author)  Tgizzo1 year ago
are u using pep?
xenor1 year ago

Thanks for sharing. It's great to see the design process beyond the usual pep models.

mchau2 (author)  xenor1 year ago
glad u like...
ElCubano1 year ago
I really love both models mchau2. They really look badass though I don't really like the IRON MAN helmet. Good job mchau2! I voted for you in all categories.
mchau2 (author)  ElCubano1 year ago

Saw your profile :)

No wonder why origami and kirigami has origins in Japan :), this is just brilliant :)

mchau2 (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago
u mean china? hong kong is in china...

Oh I am sorry, I guess I read what I want to read.

mchau2 (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago
its quite alright friend
Sweet, thanks
ElCubano1 year ago
mchau2 wuts ur youtube name?
ElCubano1 year ago
I voted for u. Man, I wish I culd make one like that!
ecsaul231 year ago

voted in all cats. great work

mchau2 (author)  ecsaul231 year ago
thx. really means alot... will you be building these kind of paper model ? its fun...

I dont think I have the brain power to figure it out! lol

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