Leupold Mark IV Telescopic Sight, Knex Style





Introduction: Leupold Mark IV Telescopic Sight, Knex Style

--UPDATE-- 3-03-10: Added more pictures.

In the past few days I have been more active then ever, posting many Ibles and slideshows alike. Today, on a request of Barrax, I present to you the Leupold Mark IV Scope, the one that is used on the Barrett sniper rifle (see the fourth image). I will not post it for it is easy to build it from the pictures, but if you have some problems building I'll post some more pictures. The wheel that is on the front can be removed if you want a scope that works, but it looks much better with the wheel on it. You can also add a recticle on your version if you want. One final warning though; this scope uses much more pieces then most knex scopes, and most of them a black connectors. Plan ahead before you decide to build.

Credit to The Jamalam for the part with the red connectors. Please comment on how I could improve this even further.

Also, I have a lot of more interesting knex Instructables coming; two knex swords and shields, a pump action rifle with a very high ROF, a working knex RPG (not like my AVAMGERR 2, which was a pure showcase gun), and a repeating underbarrel shotgun. If you want to be the first to know it when any of these will come out, subscribe!



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    Might take some time. Can you try building it of the pictures instead? It's not a very difficult build.

    What happened to all those designs you were going to post?

    Yes, I'm sorry for that. I have a tendency to work on new designs and then quit halfway the process. The same goes for making Instructables.

    So in short, I started making instructions but I never finished them... And that's what happened to 70% of all my Instructables.

    Captain Price at the time was a leftinent, not a luietenent.

    This is without a doubt the best knex thing on here that is about a scope!

    Thanks Lowney! But have you seen Motaboi's scope? I think it's even better then this one.

    Link in comment below.