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Introduction: Level Necklace

About: I love to sew, as I'm sure you can see from my ibles ;) I also love lawn flamingos, going to the beach, dinosaurs, and doing random stuff.

I got a cheap level not too long ago and decided to make something with it. So I made a necklace :D This gave me the idea for it.

I'm going to make an ible for it soon.



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    Damn. I was just at the dollar store. I could have picked up some cheap supplies to make my self one.

    so cool! what did you attach the level to? It looks like there is a little bar on the chain to keep the level "level" (couldn't resist) ;0) Love your presentation BTW

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    I just made a loop of the excess wire that was on it and glued it to the top to keep it from bending or coming undone. Thank you :D

    I have had something similar attached to my bowler hat for some time now, good work i like it

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    Good job Sunny! I suppose you found a chain to hang it on? (Do you think you could make a chainmaille bracelet version? How would you attach it to the rings? Are there anyother styles than Byzantine?) -PKT

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    Thanks!The one it's on is just temporary, I took it off of the robot necklace I made :P For a chainmaille bracelet I bet you could wrap wire around the level and kind of put it over the ends so it stays there and then weave it through the chainmaille. I think that would look pretty cool. I must get to work learning how to make chainmaille...

    Cute. Even better: get two and make earrings; you can give them to someone with a comment about how "level-headed" they are!

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    I have another one actually... :D And my friends birthday is coming up!

    Very cool ! Much cheaper than the $60 you linked to ! I like your robot too :P

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    Thanks! The level was like $2, so I just had to get one :D