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Introduction: Lever Action Concept

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Hi, this is a concept for a lever action gun that when you pull the lever it not only loads the bullet but pulls back the ram I haven't gotten round to finishing it and am about to demolish it to build a sniper. The mechanism works really well and can hold a lot of power. If anyone wants to build a better working shot gun from this concept please do and credit us in the description (and sent me a private message). Just some info on how it works: you pull back the lever and it slides along the ram guide and pushes the ram back until the trigger clicks, you then push the lever forward to return it to the original position. Good luck building!! Don't forget to follow and leave a comment.



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    Interesting concept,I hope you turn this into a full gun. =D

    Now this might actually become something useful later in knex-guns. I like the idea!

    Very nice concept! I personally would like to ask you not to give up on this and take it through and actually build a full gun out this. I would very much like to see you succeeding in making this kind of thing a good shooter. Anyway, good luck to you in either which way you choose and I might use this. I would also like to know if you have any ideas on how to make the lever's action or movement more realistic (forward to cock).

    Interesting idea. I can't really see how it works though (but that's most likely just me), it's always nice to have these kind of lever actions (we don't have that much lever actions that load a bullet, and pull back the ram)
    Keep it up!