It’s Christmas time. And here is my present to all of the knexers.
It’s a replica lever action Winchester rifle. It’s just a regular slingshot. I wasn’t real worried about making a new system since it’s made for looks. It does however shoot a good 100 feet. This gun also uses a pressure fit system so that there are not many rods sticking out the sides.
So yeah, this is my first real replica. I did make the Kentucky long rifle, but this is better in many ways. So what do you think?? It will only take a few second to let me know.

Step 1: The Stock

Like I said in the intro, this gun uses a pressure fit system. This might be kinda hard for some of you to build.

Picture 1: Build two of these panels.
Picture 2: Add these two brown/orange connectors.
Pictures 3-4: Build this guy. Note the the blue rods are flexi rods.
Picture 5: Add the "guy" to the panel.
Picture 6: Add the other panel.

Step 2: The Handle

Picture 1: Build two of these. The purple rods are flexi white rods.
Picture 2: Build this thing-a-ma-bob.
Picture 3: Add the three blue rods and brown connector.
Picture 4: Add it to the panel.
Picture 5: Build these things.
Picture 6: Slide the parts of the trigger over the rods.
Picture 7: Make this.
Picture 8: Add it on.
Picture 9: Add the other panel.

Step 3: The Back Barrel

Picture 1: Build two of these.
Picture 2: Build this dodad.
Picture 3: Add it to the panel.
Picture 4: Build this
Picture 5: Build
Picture 6: Add it to the panel
Picture 7: Do the same.
Picture 8: Add the other panel

Step 4: Front Barrel

Picture 1: Build these two panels.
Picture 2: Make this thing
Picture 3: Add the thing to the thing. And add the other panel. (Sorry I don't have a picture)


Step 5: Connect the Parts

Picture 1: Line up these two parts.
Picture 2: Snap it together
Picture 3: Add the white rod and gray connector.
Picture 4: Snap the gray clip with the gray/white rod.
Picture 5: Line these two parts up.
Picture 6: Snap them together.
Picture 7: Line the front and back barrels up.
Picture 8: Connect them.

Step 6: Adding the Bands.

Picture 1: Add this band
Picture 2: Add the band to the trigger
Picture 3: Flip the band like this
Picture 4: Make the bullet
Picture 5: Snap the bullet in like so.

To fire just pull the trigger.

Step 7: You Are Done!!!

You're done!!!!

I hope you like this gun, and don't forget to:

<p>Very accurate replica. The only problem that I had was that the stock kept falling apart. Other than that, great gun!</p>
Do you know the range
<p>Hmm, I never actually measured the range, but I would say about 10-15 ft. That is the range that I got with one #32 rubber band and the same bullet used here. You could probably get it to shoot farther with more rubber bands, or with a different bullet. I hope that this helps you!</p>
What is the range
<p>built it 3 times. it is still the coolest slingshot ive gotten btw no bendy rods were needed, simple subs exist</p>
<p>What model is this based on?</p>
can you spin cock any lever knex guns, because i tried with the gnasher and almost broke it
great gun but the lever is a bit to small for me. :)
That's what she said.
lmao!! niice ;D
can someone help?<br>i load the gun, and when i pull the trigger the bullet just flies straight up<br>what shall i do?
point the gun at the ground.
easy to make as well<br>
this is like the best gun on this site<br>
can u make a parts list 4 it
what does the lever actually do?
Awesome gun, but the stock looks kinda fragile. Is it possible that I can susstitute the 2 double triangle connectors and the bendy blue rod with a red 3 connector and a blue rod?
... The cod 6 Model 1887 IS&nbsp;a sawnoff winchester.
lol you realize cod 6 isn't real and if going by when released that would be cod 3 just sayin and mw2 in my opinon is utterly not very fun and no more dedicated servers wtf? and cool gun 5*
&nbsp;You do realize im not going to listen to somebody who opens a comment with lol and slates me.<br /> <br /> I don't give a donkey's.<br />
very nice 5*
Yes it was.
Yeah my mistake I was thinking of something else lol, but why did you make this comment twice?
I have no idea...
Yes it was...
dude whats with the small print??
I have no idea.
I'm laughing to myself trying to imagine some old lady or something trying to read the small print. haha, then again why would a old person be building with knex. haha
i just cut the orange bendies ... and they connect fine...just fine
check out my channel https://www.instructables.com/member/mberg/?show=INSTRUCTABLES&amp;limit=8&amp;sort=VIEWS
i didnt have any of those blue and black connectors so i used ball sockets
i dont have any flexi rods so i used a red connector
pretty cool, u should make the lever to work the the death bringers in mw2...hehe:)
okay well i was thinking of u or me modding it to be a MODERN&nbsp;WARFARE&nbsp;2 MODEL 1887 so it will need a actual handle and no stock reply please :)
&nbsp;I've made 2 Model 1887's with KnexFreek's trigger mech from his K.F.S.A. And with his mech you have to turn the trigger round but i put something that you could slide your finger through so you could flip the gun&nbsp;instead&nbsp;(just like MW2's akimbo 1887's) so you can reload with 1 hand!&nbsp;giving&nbsp;you the chance to have 2 of them at once! the only&nbsp;problem&nbsp;is that it wasn't&nbsp;powerful&nbsp;enough and i couldn't get the mag and everything to work properly.
dude this gun is frikin awsome<br />
can i use regular white rods ont the connection of the handle and the barrel, and a flexi rod on the stock?<br />
Flexi connector, sorri, not rod<br />
I am sorry to say... i really LOVED&nbsp;IT<br />
Indeed it was.
Fine. But the title is very misleading...<br />
really good but i dont do the cross about the blue rod flex ....-.-
&nbsp;&quot;sobs&quot; It's too beautiful. I think i'm going to &quot;vomits&quot; I wish I can subscribe...
Why can't you??
&nbsp;I already did before.
&nbsp;I'm allergic to Loling. *allergic reaction *vomit**

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