Lever Action Rubberband Gun





Introduction: Lever Action Rubberband Gun

Hello there,

So, I got inspired by Blue Mullet's bolt action rifle to build a lever action rubberband gun.
This is the result of it: a lever action gun, with somewhat of an assault rifle look.

I hope you like it, and tell me what you think in the comments!

Step 1:

Originally, I wanted to use the bolt of his mechanism, and attach a lever to it.
When starting the gun, I found out that using that mechanism would make the gun very long, with the lever quite a distance away from the grip.
Instead, I settled on a hammer and lever combination. The lever pushes the hammer back, making the ratchet spin until it hits the trigger. This allowed a pretty compact mechanism, thus lowering the length needed for the gun.
It's still somewhat long, but the stock isn't needed at all. It's just there for comfort, and a bit for the overall looks of the gun.

Step 2:

The internals are pretty simple. The back part of the hammer, with the red connectors, isn't needed. But if you want to cock the gun by the hammer itself, you can add that part.

Step 3: Short Video



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Nice! Glad to see that you posted instructions for this.

still into anime i see, lever actions are kind of hard to make so good work on this

anime is love
anime is life
and if you disagree here's a shovel loli


Thank God, im not the only one trying to make a lever action knex gun. Ive been trying for 2 years, I've been through over 20 prototypes and I could never get one to exceed 5 feet. My worked off ram power, never thought of slingshot powered though. Great work, I don't know if anyone appreciates lever actions like I do.


Ya, lever action guns are cool.
Making a decent ram powered lever action really is quite hard, to get a good balance between ease of cycling shots and decent power. If you succeed in making one, I'll definitely be looking forward to it!

kheb al een tijdje een concept ervoor liggen met een hamer, t zou makkrlijk omgezet kunnen worden naar een ram zou k denken :/

This is interesting. The body of the gun looks very nice. The only part that doesn't look good is the lever, it isn't the prettiest thing in the world. I would like a short video of it shooting, though. That would be great. :)

The lever indeed isn't the pretties. I used this one, as it worked, but I'll change it a bit for a shooting video.