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Over the summer holidays i've been doing a lot of stuff, and like a real man, i wore jeans. However the things i do are so awesome the jeans couldn't take it any more and big holes apeared at the knees.

Usually this would be fine and i would just keep wearing them, but for some bizarre reason all the silly kids think its cool to wear pre-ripped jeans, so not wanting to look like lesser men i went out and bought some new man-jeans.

So i decided to put my old jeans to a good use and make an iPod case, i wanted to keep the coolest part about jeans which is the leather label on the waistband. Now like most guys i don't know a whole lot about needles and sewing so i decided the easiest way to make it was just to cut a strip out, fold it over and sew it together. Turned out pretty easy, however i did plant the needle under my nail a few times which really really really hurt.

Why you should make one now:
  • Tough
  • Durable
  • Awesome
  • Manly
  • Has a built in belt loop
  • School is starting, you need a case.

You can modify the sizing for any gadget you want !
Mine is made for an iPod Touch, the case will work for many gadgets though

Check out the pictures below, it looks awesome and you wont find a manlier case until you make one out of stone (or fire)

Step 1: Get Jeans

Picture of Get Jeans
If you have any old torn jeans you could use those.

Otherwise get some cheap ones from:
  • Thrift Store
  • Charity Shop
  • Goodwill Shop
  • Friends
  • Craigslist ?

Obviously wash them before you use them....

Step 2: Cut Fabric

Picture of Cut Fabric

Now you have the jeans you need to cut the material to make the case.

You will need a ruler, pen and some hefty scissors for this step.

Remember you need some space on either side to sew on and some space at one end for pop-buttons.

Your fabric needs to be about 10 inches long and 3 inches wide.

Step 3: Take Out Labels

Picture of Take Out Labels

Now remove any unnecessary labels

Best way to do it is to use a stitch remover, otherwise do it with a knife carefully.

Step 4: Turning Over Ends

Picture of Turning Over Ends

We don't want our case to fray and fall apart so fold a little bit of the end back and sew it in place.

You can use a sewing machine or do it by hand.

Step 5: Sew One Side

Picture of Sew One Side

Now we can sew one side of the case together.

To make it look nice, turn the material inside out, sew it and then flip it around. That way it looks great.

Sew as close as you can to the edge, you don't want to waste any fabric.

Step 6: And Now the Other

Picture of And Now the Other

Now you can sew the other side of the case, This is the top of the jeans so its thicker and will probbaly be harder.

Step 7: Sew on Pop Buttons

Picture of Sew on Pop Buttons

You don't want the iPod to fall out the end so we need to secure it in, i thought about using a normal button but they are fiddly and i wanted to be able to open with one hand.

So I decided to use pop buttons, you just sew either side on. I decided to use two pop buttons so it was secure.

GET A THIMBLE, its like a little metal thing you put on your finger, i only found out about these little wonders after i put the needle under my nail 3 TIMES Believe me it hurts and it keeps hurting. Get one.

Step 8: Model It

Picture of Model It

You dont have to do this step but I thought I would.

As I said in the intro the case has a built in belt loop, so i put it on my belt, it fits in pocket too.

Today's model is rockin' an Um-Bongo t-shirt, jeans and a Harley Davidson belt. ROCK IT

Step 9: Finished

Picture of Finished
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If you are wondering why i used the strictest creative commons license its because i thought this was a pretty good idea and i'm thinking of making and selling it. And i don't want somebody to nick my idea. I will sue your face off if you try..

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Modern Rustic Workshop (author)2016-10-22

I love the way you used the leather logo! Brilliant!

Moodle2 (author)2016-02-18

Awesome!!! will make this an soon as my jeans rip.

RafayJ (author)2015-05-22

fazool bakwas khach di khach

taniyah106 (author)2014-12-27

that looks awesome

sunshine.r.fortner (author)2014-11-20

Great Idea! I was browsing for ideas for my nephew found this, thought of my husband he'd like this. He had some old holey jeans he was going to throw out I told him not yet. Now I know why.

sunshine.r.fortner (author)2014-11-20

Great Idea! I was browsing for ideas for my nephew found this, thought of my husband he'd like this. He had some old holey jeans he was going to throw out I told him not yet. Now I know why.

RoeyLeon (author)2013-01-28

Very nice work !

grannyjones (author)2012-12-16

Always look at the thrift shops for the really tiny ladies' jeans.
They rarely have much wear, because nobody wears a 2 or 4 for long.
They either grow out of them or die of an eating disorder.

Rsaffy (author)2012-12-08

Could I use Velcro?

finnrambo (author)2011-06-08

love this instructable! I'm going to try this with my crashed pair of motocross pants :)

eiroukaki (author)2011-06-05

Why are u cutting those perfectly good Levis For crying out loud didnt you have any other jeans im gonna cry

The Locksmith (author)2011-05-15

I am going to make this right now for my friend's Itouch! (he currently uses a small sock). I will post pictures when it's done.

justcyn (author)2010-07-30

great idea, never thought of using jeans, have been looking for a DIY case for my iPod touch, this would be super tough and sturdy, yesterday I was carrying my touch in an old canvas nail apron tied around my waist, I had washed the apron but it was still pretty grungy looking and didn't need the whole apron, just one pocket of it. I love the idea of the belt loop, but it does go the wrong way to slip vertically onto a belt, and I want a case that I can also , maybe, tie, or clip around my waist (like the apron or the clip straps that are found on fanny packs sort of thing,) when I am not wearing a belt, ideally the case would do both and I could pack the straps (or aporon strings up when I did have it on a belt...oh yeah, as if I wasn't fussy enough....kind of want it to be moisture proof because I live in the sunny sweaty south and don't want it to get wet from sweat...I really ask too much wanting it to be completely waterproof so I can take my iPod out in the boat, on the river, fishing, in case it gets totally soaked. Guess I need to make some compromising decisions here..great ible though...I'll have to ponder some of the old jeans I have around.

kadeishasims (author)2010-04-17

nice.and u have a nice body.and i like the glass windows

jet h (author)2009-08-22

Hi thats cool, i love it, i think i will make one, thanks for the tute and the sharring

=SMART= (author)jet h2009-09-19

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jet h (author)=SMART=2009-09-20

of course, i found a few days ago how i must do it, so i will do it for you now. and you have my support! greetings jet

=SMART= (author)jet h2009-09-26

Thanks !

jet h (author)=SMART=2009-09-27

your welcome!:-) Let me know if you are the winning one!? I hope so! and let me know your new projects, i loved this project so i have great expectasions:-) great weekend and greetings jet

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jet h (author)=SMART=2009-09-27

okay but how must i do that? can you tell me, i'm not so great on the computer yet, but i will learn fast if you tell me how. thanks and greetings till next time:-) jet

=SMART= (author)jet h2009-08-23

Thanks :)

jet h (author)=SMART=2009-08-23

Hi When i have made my version, i will send you a picture, but i havn't now the time, be patience please, greetings and much crafting fun jet

dagenius (author)2009-08-18

only problem is... the belt loop is the wong way! if you put it on your belt like that, the case would be sideways...

=SMART= (author)dagenius2009-08-23

Depends on what way you want it !, you could swap it around

dagenius (author)=SMART=2009-08-29

good point, or you could just use velcro to keep the ends shut, now that I think ...

=SMART= (author)dagenius2009-09-19

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dagenius (author)=SMART=2009-09-26


dagenius (author)dagenius2009-08-29

oh wait, there are buttons.

theseventhsage (author)2009-08-30

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=SMART= (author)theseventhsage2009-09-19

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theseventhsage (author)=SMART=2009-09-20

Ok, I have already voted for you. This gadget case with innovation can also be used by Josh Cyber in the Instructables the Movie.

KentsOkay (author)2009-09-14

Much coolness! has a definite indy look to it but... MY GOD MAN LEVI'S!?!??!?!?! Sure they invented 'em but we all know WRANGLERS are the best!!

=SMART= (author)KentsOkay2009-09-19

Yoooo NOVAH !! I needs your vote !

KentsOkay (author)=SMART=2009-09-19

u haz it

KentsOkay (author)KentsOkay2009-09-14


amakerguy (author)2009-09-02

WOW! Congrats on getting featured in Geeky Gadgets! I saw this in the newsletter!

=SMART= (author)amakerguy2009-09-19

Awesome, thanks for link ! Can you vote for me in this contest please ?

amakerguy (author)=SMART=2009-09-19


Jayefuu (author)2009-08-17

Ask your mum how long she's had those buttons. They look like they've been around a while and I recon they have been by the fact that when they were made they still differentiated west and east germany. :)

=SMART= (author)Jayefuu2009-09-19

Yo yo yo jayefuuuuuuuu Can you vote for me in this contest please ?

=SMART= (author)Jayefuu2009-08-18

Oh yea, west germany they must be old

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Gjdj3 (author)2009-08-15

Ahhh! Cool project overload!! You have had way too many cool projects out lately. Nice job!

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=SMART= (author)Gjdj32009-08-18

Hehe its the holidays and i made one and then diddnt stop :P Unfortunately im going away for 2 weeks and then its school. I will try to keep them coming though

ThatInstructablesGuy (author)2009-08-18

Haha, I love your writing style.

hehe thanks ! Can you vote for me in this contest please ?

DRADIS (author)2009-08-20

"SO ACE" wouldn't be a reference to Jake and Amir, would it?

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