Levitating Bottle Cap Magic





Introduction: Levitating Bottle Cap Magic

This is my first Instructable so it might not be so good.
Steve The Stick Figure is going to show you how to levitate a bottle cap.
Let's get started.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
1 Bottle Cap
1 Invisible String
1 Roll of Tape

Step 2: Setting It Up

Tape the invisible string behind your ear and tape the other end to the bottle cap.
Your now ready to perform.

Step 3: Performance

Hold the bottle cap in your hand. Now let go. It looks as if its levitating.
Thanks for reading!



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    were do u put it if you have heaps of hair behind your ear wood u stick it like on ur ear

    They whole thing is to stick on ur ear or behind it.

    Something cute you can also do is to open your hands and catch the string on your thumb and then wave your hands around as if you're making it dance.

    Hey don't be such a jerk it's his first one. Yes it could use some work but if your going to criticise him at least make it constructive. Next time try to put in pictures of how it's done, and maybe where one might get some "invisible string". Also some extra tips couldn't hurt.

    Some invisible string is found at magic stores.