Picture of Levitating Death Star
I have always loved Globes and especially the electronic floating ones.

The Levitating globes i have seen (and could afford) were OK but i thought it would be cool to do something more with one.

I went through a list of things i could try to make, DeLorean car from back to the future, the moon, a jedi training remote or the death star.

I wanted to do either the jedi remote or the death star, i had seen the remote on-line somewhere so I decided the death star would be the way I would go. 

So this is how i went about doing it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools.

Materials : 

-glue (plastic solvent, super glue, contact adhesive all work fine.)
-card / paper
-masking tape , different widths.
-Bright white LED
- fibre optic strands (optional)
-micro press button

Oh and the main component the levitating globe.

Tools :

-knives or cutting tool
-sand paper
-twist drill or dremmel, i used a twist drill as its not too powerful.
-tiny drill bits. 0.75 and 0.85 mm are the two i used.
-ruler or straight edge.
-tweezers (things can get quite small)
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ChrysN2 years ago
Awesome! I like the lights shinning out like a cityscape.
Conundrum25012 months ago
this is ten kinds of awesome sause! it would probably add too much weight but it would be amaze balls if you could add a green burning lazer to the eye!
ShikitakufuZ3 months ago

please give me the link to where you bought the globe or at least the full name.

backwards lamb (author)  ShikitakufuZ3 months ago

As i said in the instructable i got the globe from ebay. www.ebay.co.uk or ebay.com

I cannot be more helpful. i searched ebay for levitating globe. that was it, i purchased the cheapest globe i could find.

Picture of Materials and Tools.

this is the globe i got, no other info on the globe im affraid.

ShikitakufuZ3 months ago

does this globe work? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002R600BY/ref=twister_B00LO608AQ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

backwards lamb (author)  ShikitakufuZ3 months ago

i don't know if that globe will work, its a different type of levitation to the type my globe is. sorry i couldnt be of more help.

AlejandroV17 months ago

so how do you turn off the lights within the deathstar,and how do you turn them on?lastly, if the batteries die out, is it possible that i would be able to take aprt the deathstar so i could replace them?

backwards lamb (author)  AlejandroV17 months ago

if you see in the step 5 you will see the simple wiring setup, there is a small hole in the bottom half of the glob/death star and the push switch goes through there and is accessible from the outside when the globe is closed. the globe/death star can be popped open to change the battery. but it is up to you, you can put the switch anywhere you like. you could even install a magnet reed switch that's activated when you turn on the magnet to make it float. totally up to you as you are the one who is making it.

If you do make one share the photos i would love to see it.

starforest7 months ago

Great project! I think it looks brilliant.

Hi trying to make my own and I'm wondering how you broke yours in half and how you got it back together again, my globe isn't cooperating right now :(

backwards lamb (author)  joshua.erskine.18 months ago
Hi my globe was taped together along the equator, there was a stripy line and once I pulled the tape off the halves popped apart. One of the halves had a little lip inside that clicked into the other half.

Where did you find this cool globe??? I'd love to do this for my class

backwards lamb (author)  michaela.gunn.909 months ago

i got the globe on ebay. they were very popular a few years ago so there are a lot kicking around on there. just have a little search.

WOW.....no comment IT'S SO COOL o=

This is amazing! <3
Technohippy2 years ago
great build... I wonder how feasible it would be to build one from scratch.

Great work though, really cool!
backwards lamb (author)  Technohippy2 years ago
The problem would be with the whole electro magnet unless you know all about them I guess it would be difficult.
i dont think electromagnets are essential for it to work, neodymium magnets would work just as well.
It couldn't be turned off though.
it wouldn't rotate though
they are essential because they oscillate at a high frequency so it is constantly falling and being counteracted. if it was constant then if the globe veered slightly too high it would just attract onto the top one and if it was slightly to low it would fall off or be pushed off.
nerd74732 years ago
well done backwards lamb
GScience2 years ago
well, wouldn't it be a bad idea to add a electromagnet to the top and bottom of the frame and metal sheets to the top and bottom of the globe? the magnetic forces will keep the levitation in check. I use the repelling side for both up and down electromagnets so they both repel. how's my idea?
badjer12 years ago
Simply Sweet!
andamas2 years ago
What a great idea. I will be hitting the toy stores after Christmas to find a globe.
I am planning on making one of these and I was wondering if you had a link to where you got the plans to paint the death star.
backwards lamb (author)  jklementowski2 years ago
i just googled death star plans and there are hundreds of files you can use.
ARTTEC2 years ago
Actually you can build your own levitation system from my kit:
Also if you line the inside with tissue or thin toilet paper it will make the lights read better.
backwards lamb (author)  ARTTEC2 years ago
oh , i know you can make your own levitating kits. but i had a limited budget and the store bought globes are already constructed, known to work, come with a globe ready for conversion and cheap. :)

ARTTEC2 years ago
Also, here's a suggestion for a really light weight battery holder, you have to solder wires onto it though:
Could you tell me what brand the floating globe is?? I would like to get the right one. And awesome job by the way!!!
Mr.Asmith92 years ago
+1 and Favorite, I'll be adding this to my to-do list. One question though, how much weight can you add before it becomes unbalanced and or doesn't levitate?
i wanted to create something similar, a floating treasure box from final fantasy xiii. they are floating spheres but it would be a lot harder because it is more complex. its hard to explain what it looks like so here: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100123225038/finalfantasy/images/e/e1/Access_Treasure_Orb_FFXIII.png you cant see it because a light flashes when you open it, but the part with the flash over it is an indent, kinda like on the death star.
backwards lamb (author)  coreygray1232 years ago
it doesnt look too hard, you would just have to make sure you dont add too much weight when adding the detail of the chest, and make sure that you can make all the details (ie. the indent) doesnt cover the magnet at the top of the globe.

i think it would look great
Eh Lie Us!2 years ago
what the devils?! This creativity is over the top. Fantastic job, man. The internal light leaking thru the holes is the piece de resistance!

One criticism: the Star rotates the other way and possibly you want the ship going in the opposite direction??
love the detail on this!
Cool, very cool man, I think my first boy is getting into star wars a bit but maybe a couple of years off he and his little brother destroying it, besides no time atm. But will mark it! :)
X86-11382 years ago
Built one of these years ago as a product presentation to Lucas Licensing. I'm a Toy Designer by Trade.
I would love to see a photo of it. Wicked job Lamb! Remember, they're on Dantooine. :-(
happyadrian2 years ago
WOW... That's legit. I would like to see it in the dark though with the LEDs clearly showing.
flurng2 years ago
OUTSTANDING work!!! The level of detail in your art work is staggering, and the internal lighting - inspired! The only suggestion I might make would be to remove the red led's in the base, though I don't know how difficult that might be. As for the video, it's very cool, but I think if you re-shot it, just a TAD darker ( to see the lights better ), maybe with the Imperial Theme playing in the background, ( and of course the "Darth-breath"! ), man, that would be EPIC!!!!
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