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This is known as "The King Rising".

Levitate in front of people, shock them as they see both of your feet leave the ground and float back down. This will teach you how to do it yourself and after some practice, in front of people.

I figure I'd get the "what you need" out of the way first. Pretty much all you need is a good balance, an object like a coat or an umbrella, and some light weight shoes. It also would help if you used black socks, but I couldn't find any in my closet.

For a better video of King Rising go to:

Also in the background of my video, you can see the picture of one of my wireless cameras (x10 w/ battery pack). I was trying to show you how it was done while I was doing it, but the lighting is too bad (one light bulb w/ a glazed over cover).

This instructable is inspired by SunShine's:

Step 1: Prepare for the Event.

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First off make sure you've got everyhting you need.

If you're doing this in front of people you'll want to do something along these lines:
Before performance: Loosing up one of your shoes so it's easy to slip your foot in and out of it.

1. Tell the spectator(s) that there are magnetic fields (or make up something if you want) located around the world and that if you really concentrate, you can use those fields to levitate.
2. Postion yourself sideways to the spectators (in my case it was my dog).
3. While you're positioning yourself (cause you're looking for a "magnetic field" to use), use your foot that's still in a tightly tied shoe to step on the side of the loose shoe.

Step 2: Do It....You Know You Want To

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Now this is where you use the coat.

Use the coat over your head and all around you to show that there are no wires. When you bring it down in front of you (between you and the spectators), slip your foot out of your loose shoe and position it at a right angle to your shoes.

Now you're in postion. Lower the coat, but keep it close.
Using your socked foot, lift up on your toes while using the foot still in the shoe to push the "footless" shoe up against your foot (In my case, I'd use my left shoe to push the empty shoe against my right foot, while lifting up on my toes using my right foot).

After you "Levitate", use the coat again to show that there are no strings or wires. Using the cover of the coat, put your foot back in your shoe.

Now walk away like nothing ever happened.

Note: Don't do it sloppy and in a hurry (like I did). Who saw my foot the two times? I've not done this trick in like two years, so I was a bit sloppy (doesn't help having a bad camera).


MaxM12 (author)2015-04-07


The only rich magiciansare the ones that ever copyright an illusion or trick. Go look it up online before running your mouth on Instructables. And copyright means that people can not perform the magic trick in front of people for money, so leave him alone. Wooooookie!!!!

Klect960 (author)2009-01-12

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nof-z (author)Klect9602012-06-30

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gameboy7oa (author)2007-08-30

dude thats awsom that u have a pet wookie

FrenchCrawler (author)gameboy7oa2007-08-30

They're very rare and hard to find, so if you do catch one, hold on to him/her for as long as possible.

wiljo94 (author)FrenchCrawler2009-04-19

But dont they rip people's arms off if they get mad?

anuratha (author)gameboy7oa2007-09-14

wats a wookie?

FrenchCrawler (author)anuratha2007-09-14

Oops, it should have two e's, but anyhow: Wookiee

SecondSun (author)FrenchCrawler2007-11-28

you guys are insane

gameboy7oa (author)anuratha2007-10-02

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psychoclown (author)2008-04-21

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teethlikelions (author)2007-04-05

my wife just about peed her pants when i showed her this!

Hade (author)2007-03-14

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relic2279 (author)2007-01-13

Regarding ellusionist;
The trick itself is not copywrited. How can you copywrite a magic trick? "I got your nose!" is now copywrited by me. Everytime your grandpa does it, he owes me $59.99.

Their video describing how to is. This isn't that video. So you should be fine. Though I don't condone putting "magic trick how-to's" up for everyone to see.

A) Someone had to buy them, so for you to show someone how to do it, they just saved $$ or you just lost $$. Also, everyone else that bought is having the trick ruined by you. You probably didn't buy it so why should you care? But if you paid $39 for it, would you post it here?

B) If you post how to do magic tricks then everyone will know how it's done. Then it's not magic now eh? You lost a piece of your own "special knowledge"

X) Magic is magic because someone doesn't know the secret behind what your doing. Telling them makes what your doing not magic anymore.

There are a few websites for real magicians to go and exchange tips, tricks and ideas. You have to be invited by someone to gain entrance. Thank god we don't have any users like this poster, or the hundreds just like him that post here.

FrenchCrawler (author)relic22792007-01-14

Who's to say that I'm not a current user (or anyone else is)? You shouldn't just assume things like that. "Special Knowledge" is best shared with others, not just cooped up and left to die. If everyone on this site were to keep their own knowledge to themselves, then there would be no point to having a site called "Instructables".

InfamousX241 (author)2006-09-21

Heh, this is copyright of, if they find out you posted this they'll go crazy. I don't care though, keep on rockin'.

I'm not sure, but can you really copyright something like this? Just look on YouTube at everyone (mostly horrible) who are attempting to show off their lev. skills. If you didn't already know how to do it, you'd learn it soon or later just by watching them (I was attempting to find a better quality video there, but not happening).

0.775volts (author)2006-09-05

If you get some small, strong magnets, and put them in the sides of your shoes, it is much easier to get the shoe to accept the proper position. just get a pair and put them on the sides of the shoes at the heel and toe. no clicking noise or anything, and the shoe stays right there. It should also be mentioned that you need to do this with baggy leg pants to hide the fact that only one of your legs is rising.

FrenchCrawler (author)0.775volts2006-09-05

That's actually a good idea.

FrenchCrawler (author)2006-09-03

Here's a better video of King Rising:

trebuchet03 (author)2006-09-02

Yet another method - but requires cutting your shoes :P Cut a hole in the bottom of your shoe to allow your foot to be either in or out of the shoe... When you're getting ready, just slip through the hole...

I've heard of this way before, but never tried it. I figured it be better to stick to tricks that allow people to examine your shoes, cause if they ask and you refuse then they figure that you must have modded your shoes. But it's still an excellent idea, perhaps you can figure out a way to hide the hole.

Luuke (author)2006-09-02

thats pretty cool but its hard to do the foot out of the shoe thing without the audience seeing somthing fishy. also sometime it doesnt always workout when you lift up your foot(the shoe like goes to the side

FrenchCrawler (author)Luuke2006-09-02

Yes, it's hard at first because you have to time everything perfectly and make sure your stance is correct. It's easy once you've practiced it several times. The only reason you saw my foot was because I did it in a hurry without any practice. The shoe should stay in place if you are pushing it directly against your shoeless heel. As long as you sweep the coat across in front of you, not too quick and not too slow, from the front of you to the back, you should be able to slip your foot out and have enough time to angle it so the spectators can't see it. Levitate. Then use the coat again and slip your foot in.

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