How to Creatively Use a Levitron for Magnetism Demonstrations


Introduction: How to Creatively Use a Levitron for Magnetism Demonstrations

The Levitron spins and surfs on magnetic waves! Pass your hand above, underneath, and around the top. It will continue to spin and float only touching air! The LEVITRON floats free in space, supported only by the repelling magnetic force produced by permanent magnets.



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    i am just a beginner..i have a doubt..
    will it work if i rotate the base magnet (the one below using motor or smthing) and leave the small (levitating magnet) stationary.. will the small magnet levitate??

    MM hey one question... Can the temperature variations affect?

    if you put it in a complete vacuum it should keep going because there would be no friction.

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    that would be sweet. but the vacuum couldn't take all of the stuff out so it would have to stop at some point.

    well, yeah, but if it was a complete vacuum like kyleboy1993 was saying, it wouldn't. Sadly, we don't really know how to make a complete vacuum...

    What if you used a non-material container that wasn't magnetism.can they create a perfect vacuum and can they exist without magnets?

    Maybe with big friggin' lasers?

     non material container? like antimatter!!?? XD

    Well a perfect vacuum is COMPLETELY impossible. Even the deepest of deep space still has about one atom per meter. But the chances of the top hitting that atom are so small, your great times 8* grandchildren would be dead before it would even begin to slow noticeably. * Hyperbole, but still could be true

    see even that one atom per meter would be nearly impossible ... for example with one atom per meter i could just walk in there with a box take off the lid and put it back on and the chance of me hitting that one atom in that whole meter btw do you mean meters cubed or what cause technically there are 0 atoms in a meter

    The reason a perfect vacuum is impossible is that even if you could remove that one atom per cubic meter, space is still filled with virtual particles. These particles, and their anti-matter counterparts flash into and out of existence constantly (but always add up to 0, which is why they don't violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics). They can't be removed from space since they are an inherent characteristic of space. The contribute enough 'pressure' to keep us from obtaining a perfect vacuum.

    Even if you had a perfect vacuum there would still be loss of energy due to radiation. which would come about simply because there is a moving electrical charge (i.e. the magnet, as even permanent magnets are magnetic due to the spin of an electron). Also their is the zero energy problem stated above (i.e. total vacuums have a spaced energy levels that cause spontaneous radiation/creation& annihilation of particles.)

    No, even a complete vacuum will not work, for a lot of the tops energy wiil be lost to the vibrations of the smallest defects

    that is so freeking sweet! where do you get one of those? please reply i collect wierd things like you do and i want to add this to my collection! please reply!

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    just google levitron :D

    you buy them off the internet, at science stores, etc. it's called a levitron.

    I love the ending part! this isn't really an instructable as much as a how does it work thing... it's still great!!!


    what weights did you use? what weights did you use? what weights did you use?