Leyden Jars





Introduction: Leyden Jars

In this video I will tell you how to make a Leyden jar and a battery of capacitors WMC. To do this we have to take aluminum, black tape. banks of the Perfume, scissors, copper bare wire, stand, salt, water, medical syringe. Mix salt with water, let nastoyatoyatsya. Bank of paste over the foil, as shown in the video. Fill the syringe a solution of salt in a jar and Zak.



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the song sounds like a ramstein techno remix...

i'm guessing of course that these are mainly for high voltage uses, they don't seem like they'd be able to hold much of an actual charge like say a super cap or something like that...

What does "nastoyatoyat" mean?

I'm sorry, I know little English. water and salt should be mixed and let stand. Leave on for 1 hour in a warm place

Possibly "dissolve" is the verb you are looking for;

"The salt should be dissolved in the water."

Выглядит интересно. Если это возможно, если бы вы, чтобы сделать английский вариант вы бы охватить более широкую аудиторию. Я надеюсь, что это предложение поможет.

Looks interesting. If possible, if you were to make an English version you would reach a wider audiance. I hope this suggestion helps.